Viva Italy! Episode Recap

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My YouTube shout out this week goes out to andezzz !  Thanks for uploading ANTM for us!

So, another week, another elimination.  Who will continue on in the hopes of becoming America’s Next Top Tyra Banks?

Our story picks up with the model-wannabes at the airport, getting off the plane in Rome.  “It was like going to a museum!” quips Dominique.  I have no words for this girl… if I didn’t know any better, I’d swear she was a blonde.  Each girl gets a chance to tell us exactly why she’s so excited about being in Rome.  And Lauren gets the awkward, I-don’t-fit-in-here, edited-to-look-like-she’s-giving-up confessional.  Hang on, Lauren fans… it doesn’t look good! 

They get off at the Coliseum… and Anya trips and falls out of the van.  That’s what you get for wearing heels on a day of sight-seeing.

You’re in Rome now, but this is no holiday… blah blah blah… go find your new home.

And screaming ensues.

I must admit, the Rome home far supersedes the one in New York.  Or, as Katarzyna says, it’s “off the chain!”  90s gangsta, anyone?  Of course, doesn’t it make sense that the top six girls would get the chance to live in someplace better than the top 13 or 14?

And… we have our obligatory illness of this cycle.  And, surprise, it’s the drama queen herself, Fatima.

And, surprise, it’s Dominique that tells her to get a grip.  And, surprise, it’s Anya who goes in to help her out and get her something to eat.  And there you have the basic personification of each of those three girls — Fatima‘s a whiner, Dominique thinks she knows it all, and Anya gets the “sweetest girl ever, even to others that don’t deserve it” award.  And, then there’s some short little clip where everyone else is sleeping and Lauren is making noise… I really don’t know what it had to do with anything, besides pointing out, as Whitney says, “I think Lauren is so over the competition.”  Strike two for Lauren.

Be careful how you roll?  You may miss the beauty in Rome.

And Anya apparently thinks they’ll be “rolling down the river”?  Uh… huh.

Oh how exciting, they get to ride on segways.
— side note — Why is Whitney‘s hair always so nasty-looking in the confessionals? —

And they go around the city and look at women wearing Italian fashion… women who were probably all staged.  Seriously… who wears bright red heels with beige or black dresses?  Ugh.

And Lauren talks about how the fashion looks cool, but she can’t see herself wearing it.  Strike three, Lauren, strike three.

Challenge time… they’re supposed to get dressed up and meet Gai Mattiolo, and try to impress him.  Fatima looks like she’s wearing way too much makeup.  Katarzyna looked amazing.  And… how did Anya win?  Her outfit looked ridiculous, and nothing like the neutral-coloured, long-skirted outfits the Italian women were sporting.  Plus, I thought her walk wasn’t nearly as good as Katarzyna‘s, Whitney‘s, or even Dominique‘s.  Say what?

Facile, Brezza, Bella.  Love, Tyra
Katarzyna is the smart cookie who figures it out… “Easy, Breezy, Beautiful.”  It’s a Cover Girl commercial in Italian!  And Lauren talks about how much she’s been dreading it, because she’s not a Cover Girl.  Strike four, Lauren, strike four.

It’s a 30-second spot for Cover Girl Queen Vibrant Hues Lip Color.  I’m already cringing in anticipation.  Did anyone else think that this lipstick looked AWFUL on everyone?  Does NOT make me want to buy it!

Commercial Highlights:
Anya looked lost, but was flirty and cute.
Katarzyna looked the best of all the girls in the lipstick, and did amazing, but was a bit flat.
Dominique proved herself to be Jade 2.0 with her high-stepping, throwing her arms up, and looking ridiculous and overeager.
Lauren‘s was simply painful to watch.
Fatima did extremely well.
Whitney was way over the top

Tomorrow you will meet with the judges… blah blah blah, love Tyra

Lauren is nervous… strike five.  Whitney is nervous… not a good sign. 

Judging panel highlights:
– Tyra has a new hairdo, which I must say, looks TONS better than the one she was sporting back in New York.

– Tyra brags about how she’s walked in the Spanish Steps fashion show four times, and that she walked in a Gai Mattiolo fashion show.  Shameless, Tyra, shameless.
– Dominique’s wearing that hideous purple sweater again, and Whitney’s wearing the same black dress she’s worn… what, three times now?

– Katarzyna speaks up — and Tyra notices!  Of course, her speaking up was basically trying to get Tyra to pronounce her name correctly… and it didn’t work.  Tyra even seemed a bit annoyed with her about it at the end there.  Uh-oh… watch out, Kat… you don’t want to get on her bad side!

The commercials, from my favorite to least favorite…

The girl looked good, delivered well, and wasn’t over the top.  The fact that Tyra liked Whitney’s way-too-dramatic commercial, and disliked Kat’s “boring” one speaks volumes about what kind of person Tyra’s looking for.

She rocked the pronunciations, but lacked Katarzyna’s charm.  Overall a really good commercial, though.

Sure, she was uncertain about the Italian… who wouldn’t be?  But she managed to stumble through it somewhat gracefully.

Quite over-the-top, but even with that in mind, I could totally see it on TV… actresses have a tendency to overdo it sometimes.


Painful to watch.

And the call-out order goes something like this:
1. Fatima (Nigel’s top pick… looks like he still holds quite a bit of sway over the judging panel)
2. Katarzyna
3. Anya
4. Dominique (WTF?  Hers was awful!  How is this girl still in the running??)
5. Whitney

And it was a good time for Lauren to go home.  I could never picture her on the final runway or doing “My Life as a Covergirl.”  Of course, I would have been happier if Dominique had been the one to go home… oh well… maybe next week.



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  1. I think its incredible that each week your comments and my thoughts are so similar that it scares me.

  2. At least Anya didn’t win a nude photoshoot this time -_-

  3. yeah, the nude photoshoots are getting kind of old, but I mean, its anya. She has a great body. At least someone like Whitney didn’t win them. Sorry to all you Whitney fans, but I can’t stand that girl.

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