Some Revealing Thoughts from Lauren’s Interview

April 25, 2008 at 2:17 pm | Posted in Lauren | Leave a comment

I haven’t read all the Lauren interview yet, but when I read this one (LINK), there were a few things that definitely caught my eye.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but I can model. You know, when you look at my pictures, they were way better than the other girls.

Seriously? Way better? Even this debacle?

Methinks the praise she got from the judges went a bit to her head… I’ll agree that some of her photos (meat shoot) were better than the other girls, but “way better”? Huh.

Kat and Anya didn’t manipulate people, like a lot of the other girls… Dominique, Whitney and Fatima are not nice girls. They give you the guise of being nice and sweet but underneath, there’s something else there. They are not good role models. They talk a lot of crap about the other girls and about the judges. They are insecure people and use those insecurities to prey on others. It’s disgusting.

Wow. I mean, I’m sure she has some biases, but I was going to give at least Dominique and Whitney the benefit of the doubt and assume that at least some of their attitude was due to editing. Seems that was not the case. On a related note, Whitney’s really been getting on my nerves lately, too. She really needs to work on that brain-to-mouth filter.

Being on the show, they don’t show you how to do that. I need real model training. I want someone to train me how to walk and how to be in front of a camera. The show exists with this level of expectation that you know what you’re doing and will be able to handle the twists they throw at you. There wasn’t training.

Hello? Isn’t that the purpose of the show? No wonder it seemed like they were spending endless hours in the house wearing on each others’ nerves… they had nothing else to do! Pardon me while I reminisce back to the earlier cycles where they actually had the girls work out every day… where their lessons lasted for more than 10 minutes… and where girls were actually taught how to walk instead of just being told that they were doing it wrong. Ahhhh… those were the days.

But I’m not going to BS like the other girls. Jeez, their commercials were awful too. Like, how fake was Whitney? That was horrid. And Dominique? She looked like a drag queen. The guy shooting the commercial was more of a girl than her. She was a hooker.

Hilarious! And, Lauren… I totally agree.

Tyra? I don’t know. She doesn’t like Kat much though.

You know, Claire said the same thing in her interview. What is it with Tyra’s hating on this girl? It doesn’t make any sense at all! She has a fantastic walk, a great look… all of the industry people seem to like her, but Tyra criticizes everything she does. At first I thought it was an edit, so that partway through she could have this amazing transformation and win the hearts of the judges, but Tyra’s still picking her apart week after week… and yet she’s never been in the bottom two, either. It makes no sense to me at all.

So… how bad is it that I like Lauren more now that she’s gone than when she was actually on the show?


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