Episode 10 Model Faces!

April 26, 2008 at 2:21 pm | Posted in Anya, Dominique, Fatima, Katarzyna, Whitney | 8 Comments

We’re down to five model wanna-bes! Who’s going to take home the crown? Will it be…






or… the Queen of Model Faces… Tyra!



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  1. Jeez, Dominique’s pictures are horrible! XDD By the way, is she missing a tooth? I love that you’ve made these model faces a regular thing now! XD

  2. Yes, Dominique is missing a tooth! You’d think they would have fixed that Joanie/Danielle c6-style. Glad you like “model faces”… I have fun doing it 😉

  3. The Model Faces are awesome. I agree.
    Tyra’s faces are getting funnier and funnier.

  4. I love the model faces! Dominiques photos are always hilarious and make her look even stupider than she already is!

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