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April 26, 2008 at 7:18 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 8 Comments

New post-show pics are available on individuals’ pages for Atalya, Allison, Marvita, Aimee, Claire, Stacy-Ann, Lauren, and Katarzyna. Enjoy!



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  1. Alright, lets face it. We all know that Anya’s gonna win! She has the whole package! Even with her voice (Which by the way the judges are now starting to like) she can still pull off a great commercial. Even if she landed a bad photoshoot, there is no way Tyra would send her home. Plus, Anya is probably the nicest girl in the house (well, so is Katarzyna, who I dig to). Anyway, right now Anya is in my first place spot. Second place goes to the wonderful Katarzyna (Kat-AHR-zhena). I love love love her new haircut! It works so well with her face. Personally, when this cycle started out, I was like, there is no way this girl will make it to the final three! Now, I see her coming in second to Anya. Moving on, it’s a tie between Dominique, Fatima, and (gulp) Whitney, who I absolutely hate. Sorry if I talk too much. By the way, antm10, you have a great blog! Keep doing the model faces! I love them! Go Anya!

  2. Everytime I see post-ANTM pics of anyone, I feel like they are a) already eliminated or b) going to be eliminated AKA not winning 😦

    It seemed to be the trend when first seeing the Kim and Atalya pics come out. Then the Claire post-pics started showing up and she was eliminated a few weeks later. However I don’t mind if anya wins. She was my fav from the beginning 🙂

  3. I agree with you too Christine. Anya has been my fave from the beginning, even though all of my friends hate her!

  4. Dominique scares me sooo much. Seriously, is she a man in disguise (a la drag queen Jaslene)??? If she wins I will never watch top model again. I doubt she will, though. She reminds me soo much of Jaslene, who I hate. Natasha should have won. I know all you people out there hate Natasha, but I don’t. Here are my favorites from each cycle: c1 Shannon c2 Mercedes c3 Amanda (I also like Eva too) c4 Kahlen c5 Nicole c6 Joanie c7 Melrose c8 Natasha c9 Saleisha and c10 Anya. It seems like I have always liked the runner up. Anyway, here is my list of people I hated from each cycle: c1 Robyn c2 Yohanna c3 Yaya c4 Tiffany c5 Lisa (she’s insane!) c6 Jade (annoying!) c7 Jaeda c8 Jaslene c9 Bianca c10 Whitney. Ahh! I talk way too much! Sorry! Go Anya!

  5. It worries me that Katarzyna is the only one up there NOT eliminated, because she’s amazing.
    I can see where she’d get the boot, though, because Tyra likes those VIBRANT, over the top personalities(as shown by her liking Whitney’s cover girl commercial)… which Katarzyna doesn’t have! Tyra seems to favor girls that are most like herself – and Katarzyna’s definately not that. I hope Dominique and Fatima are eliminated next (And in that order), not because I especially like whitney but because she does take some good photos and it would be nice to see a real sized girl get in the final 3. Anya will probably win it, and Katarzyna should get second.

  6. I totally agree, Almiria. Anya is going to win and Kat will get second. The reason I hate Whitney is because she gossips about the other girls and is a jerk, not because she’s plus sized. There is no way she will win, just because I don’t think Tyra is ready for a plus sized antm.

  7. I saw this week’s ep on the CW (I rarely get the TV that time of day..)

    And all I have to say about it is that the wrong girl went home! (I’m not going to spoil it for anyone.)

  8. OMG I know!! Whitney has been in the bottom two, what, now three times? That’s crazy that she stayed! I think (at least hope) most people know it was Katarzyna who left (If they don’t they shouldn’t be reading this post). It should have been Whitney. That girl is hanging on by a thread. She is sure to be gone next time she does bad. That’s not fair, though, that Kat hadn’t ever been in the bottom two before. 😦

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