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The ANTM finale is soon approaching and some of you may be wondering what you’re going to watch until September when cycle 11 starts. Here’s a suggestion for you… check out some of the international Top Model shows!

Alice BurdeuAustralia’s Next Top Model
AusNTM just aired their week 2 episode, so if you start watching now, you won’t even have much catching up to do. They’re in cycle 4, after a hugely successful previous cycle, yielding undoubtedly the most successful Top Model yet — Alice Burdeu (on left).

The host is Johdi Meares, and — unlike ANTM — AusNTM’s finale is decided in a live show, where viewers can be involved in choosing the girl to take the title.  This cycle’s thirteen contestants range in age from 16-21 years old.  My favorite so far… Jamie Lee, the 21-year-old blonde from South Australia.

You can find the first episode on YouTube.  SQWEEK77 has been kind enough to upload it for us.  Thanks, SQWEEK77!

Here are all this cycle’s girls, in order of my favorites to least favorites:

Britain’s Next Top Model
BNTM also just aired their second episode, so very little catch-up viewing is necessary.  They are also in cycle four.  Previous winners were Lucy Ratcliffe, Lianna Fowler, and Lauren McAvoy (on right).

The host is Lisa Snowdon, and the winner receives a contract with Max Factor cosmetics, a contract with Models 1, and a cover of Company Magazine.  This cycle’s fourteen contestants range in age from 18 to 24.  My favorite thus far… 18-year-old Lauren Donaldson-Stanley from Hampshire.

The first two episodes can be found online courtesy of BNTM4.  Thanks bunches!

And, here are the girls from this cycle, in order of my favorite to least favorite:



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  1. I really really like Alice Burdeau 🙂 She might not be a good role model for young girls – considering her BMI is 15,2, they calculated it on the show – but watching the cycle I thought she was genuine and intelligent and professional. maybe a bit shy 🙂

  2. btw, Leiden is german for “to suffer”. makes me laugh because watching her really makes me suffer. I don’t like her :-/

  3. “btw, Leiden is german for “to suffer”. makes me laugh because watching her really makes me suffer. I don’t like her :-/”

    Hilarious! She makes me suffer, too. I have no idea what she’s doing there.

  4. Alice was the most incredible contestant, watching her develop was amazing. I don’t think that she makes a poor role model – she is well-educated, mentioned during the cycle that she intended on returning to university, and maintained a pleasant personality, rather than resorting to childish pranks or melodrama, as demonstrated by the majority of the other contestants. As for her weight setting a bad example for the audience – it was obvious that Alice was naturally thin, and the comments about her weight were not made within the show (not even by other contestants who had an insight into her lifestyle patterns – a fellow contestant actually commented on how she eats a huge amount of chocolates and cakes – hardly the methods of someone who is anorexic), the claims that she suffered from an eating disorder were made by the press, and in actuality, the show aims to find a fashion model, not a role model, though someone who incorporates the two would be fantastic. If looking for a bad role model, watch episode four of C4, then you will see behaviour worth complaining about. Australia’s Next Top Model C4 is not worth watching, expecially if you thought ALICE was the poor role model.

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