Cycle 11 News

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From NY Times Article:

“This one was really hard to map out,” Mok told me earlier. “We always decide the grid of the show in advance of picking the girls, and it used to be easy. But it’s harder and harder to come up with fresh challenges.”

“We try to bring in a cast that will keep the show interesting,” Mok said, “but there is sometimes a disconnect between Tyra’s message of female empowerment and the goals of the contestants, who, all too often, just want to be famous.”

The theme forthe “Top Model” opener of Cycle 11 was “futuristic,” and the producers decided to tape the segment in a former furniture showroom full of globes in Day-Glo colors. The floors and walls of the cavernous space were painted in white lacquer, and the camera crew wore hospital booties over their shoes to avoid marks. Banks, who had changed into a vaguely militaristic black dress with peaked shoulders, was positioned behind a long narrow table at one end of the room. Sitting on either side of her were Jay Manuel and J. Alexander, two of the longtime judges on “Top Model.” For the purposes of the space-age tone of the show, they were introduced on camera as Beta J and Alpha J., respectively. Banks said, “It’s time to see who’s technologically bankable,” sounding as if she were leading the charge from the prow of a starship.

“Nearly all the girls made it to the next round, but it was frustrating. I think, at Bankable, we’re cooling on reality shows. In the beginning, the girls were spontaneous. But now everyone looks at ‘Top Model’ as a way to become a star.” She paused and then said: “For the next cycle, they’re going to have to do homework about the fashion business. I want girls I can help become professional models. I don’t want to help girls just become known — there’s no point to that.”

Fame for fame’s sake does not fit with the Tyra Banks brand. To see yourself as a brand is to have a kind of guarantee with the public: when you think of Oprah Winfrey or Martha Stewart, you immediately conjure a particular world. Banks’s goal is to create that sort of instant identification in everything she does. Over and over, she told me that she defines the Tyra brand as “attainable fantasy,” but that description seems a bit narrow. Banks, like Winfrey and Stewart, is dedicated to dreams coming true through work and determination; empowerment, especially for young women, is Banks’s actual “attainable fantasy.” And while the 11th cycle of “Top Model” will probably be entertaining, it felt like the winning formula of the show had eclipsed Banks’s message.

Sounds to me like Mok is pushing the reality show personalities, while Tyra’s wanting to bring it back to girls who are really in it for the fashion industry.  Does that mean no Kimberly/Amis/Lauren-types in c11?


It’s Anya!

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And she is looking great! It seems that she’s been working with a photographer that shot her before ANTM, who really has done some great work. I love pretty much all of these photos

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

You have GOT to be kidding me.

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The following is a message left by “John,” one of the administrators over at Fans of Reality TV (aka FORT):

Attention everyone: After serious thought and discussion, we have decided that we will no longer be covering ANTM, and we will therefore be closing the forum to new posts, permanently.

We understand that this isn’t going to be a popular decision to those reading this, but there are plenty of other sites out there where ANTM is the primary topic, and we encourage everyone to utilize those resources for your ANTM fix.

We’d love to see you in our other forums, however!

So, for the sake of those of us that relied on FORT for our Top Model gossip, news, photos, and discussion… here’s a short list of other ANTM message boards where we can continue gossiping, sharing news, posting photos, and discussing the goings-on. See, FORT, we don’t need you after all.

Television without Pity
FORT-like site with less ANTM posters daily, but with our FORT forum now disbanded, perhaps others will take up residence here.

The CW Lounge (LINK)
More rules, more moderation, and way too many fan-made games for my liking, but it is one place you can find ANTM news.

Next Top Model Message Board (LINK)
Recent site made by former FORTer that has very few members but very great potential.  The layout is great, and it has separate forums for foreign NTMs and FanArt.  Kudos to SupergirlBrooke for starting this site, and good luck!

Reality TV World (LINK)
Personally, I hate the setup of this one, and it doesn’t look like it has a lot of traffic anyways.

Feel free to post any more that you find!

It’s Claire!

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Thanks to Sergio for the heads-up on these shots…. As we all know, Claire was my favorite c10 contender.  They were taken by Shiloh Crawford — warning!  there’s some really obnoxious Kayne West music on his site!  He has some really decent photography on his(?) site, but I can’t help but think that Claire’s session here was a bit overexposed, under-saturated, and overall kind of boring photographically.  Claire herself looks great, as usual, especially now that she’s back to brunette, but none of the pics really stand out and “wow” me.  And what’s up with the cropping on that “jumping” one?  He completely cut out her left hand and part of her right foot!  Inexcusable!  Anyways, enough with my photographic critiques.  Enjoy:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usFree Image Hosting at

Best Shots of Cycle 10

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Alright, here are my top 10 favorite shots of cycle 10… what are yours?











Interesting, considering my favorites were Claire, Katarzyna, and Whitney.  Of my top ten photos:
Claire – 3
Fatima – 2
Whitney – 2
Lauren – 1
Anya – 1
Katarzyna – 1

Mark Your Calendars!

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Also, it’s been asked if I’m going to cover c11 as I have c10, and — sorry — I can’t honestly say for sure.  A lot can happen in three months, after all.  As it gets closer, I’ll let you know, and in the meantime I’ll continue posting any c11 news or updates from c10 girls here.  Also, FYI… Australia’s Next Top Model beat out Britain’s Next Top Model in the “What show should I cover next” poll, so for this summer, head on over to Australia’s Next Top Blogger page to see how cycle 4 ends up panning out.

Cycle 10: The Girls in Review

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t’s now time to look back upon the entire cycle as a whole, as we ask ourselves… how good was cycle 10 anyways?

Episode 1: The Girls Who Scream
Way back in February we finally got a chance to meet the fourteen girls whose pictures we had studied, critiqued, and debated, and were finally able to match personalities with names. Though many people were impressed by some of the semi-finalists, I for one was not. I’m sensing a severe lack in model potential from recent ANTM wannabes.

Episode 2: The Girl Who Hates Fashion

Kimberly – I predicted she would be “Most Likely to be Sent Home for Being Just Another Pretty Face.” Turns out, she turned them down before they turned her down, and I’m still trying to figure out if this was a good move on her part or not. On one hand, if you have no interest in being a model, you have no business on the show, but the whole thing really could have been prevented if she had figured it out sooner. Apparently she did show her face at the Fierce awards, and even won an award for “most dramatic exit,” but besides that, she has been laying low since her dramatic confession that she didn’t want to be there.
Her elimination: Thumbs up. I don’t that she would have had the street smarts for the industry anyways, and her picture wasn’t that great. Though she had a unique look, she had no idea how to use it.
Her entertainment value: 7 out of 10. She made me laugh a few times, but wasn’t really on long enough to show her “really down-to-earth” side.
Her post-show model potential: 1 out of 10. She could probably use this exposure to launch some other media-type attention-craving career, but she really did lose any chance of a future career the moment she said that she wasn’t really that interested in fashion.

Atalya – I predicted she would be “Most Likely to be the Hidden Threat.” And I couldn’t have been further off with that prediction. Between her boring photo that screamed “homeless” but not “model” and her middle-school Christmas concert dress and ponytail at judging panel, there was really nothing intriguing or model-like about her at all. It kind of makes you wonder what they saw in casting.
Her elimination: Thumbs up. Though it would have been nice to see what kind of makeover Tyra would give her, she really was just a little too “girl-next-door.”
Her entertainment value: 1 out of 10. I consider her the most forgettable girl this cycle.
Her post-show model potential: 3 out of 10. While she still got out early enough to be spared the ANTM-stigma, unless her portfolio vastly improves from the pics that I’ve been seeing, I don’t really expect to see much of her in the future. She’s a bit too cute; a bit too ordinary; and a bit too “safe” for today’s industry.

Episode 3: The Girl Who Won’t Say Thank You

Allison – I voted her “Most Likely to be Criticized for Looking Like an Actress.” Although it didn’t seem too much of a concern during the show, plenty of the message boards were buzzing about her resemblance to certain actresses. Not that moving away from that in the makeover episode did her much good; I personally thought that the black looked edgier.
Her elimination: Thumbs down. Although at the time I really wanted her to go because she was driving me nuts with her stuck-up attitude in the house, and I did think that her homeless picture was terrible and she did an awful job listening on set, the fact that she went before others with better personalities but less model potential did rub me the wrong way.
Her entertainment value: 7 out of 10. She had a personality that in some ways you love to hate. I know I was constantly wondering what she was going to say next or who was going to annoy her and how.
Her post-show model potential: 7 out of 10. She’s already been producing test shots left and right, and considering her prior work outside of the States, she obviously has some idea what she’s doing and will probably make it just fine without any help from Tyra and crew (which does make me wonder what she was thinking being on the show anyways…) Love her or hate her, she’s definitely determined enough to make it.

Episode 4: The Girl Who Can’t Focus

Amis – I predicted she’d be “Most Likely to Lose Her Spark,” and in a way, she kind of did. Though she was still her bubbly, crazy self, she did seem to lose her deep desire to be there, and it became more and more apparent that she was just there for the fun experience (and who can blame her? I’m sure it’d be a blast!)
Her elimination: Thumbs up. She probably could have gone sooner, in fact. Though she’s a wonderful person with a great attitude and fun disposition, that doesn’t necessarily go along with being a model, and it was obvious she had no idea what she was doing.
Her entertainment value: 8 out of 10. This girl was nuts, in a good way. And she definitely kept people wondering what crazy idea she’d come up with next. But I couldn’t help thinking at least some of it was somewhat staged.
Her post-show model potential: 2 out of 10. I could see her as a talk show host, as a comedian, or even as a fashion designer, but not a model. She just doesn’t have the necessary composure and poise that even the crazy contestants like Jael could pull off when they wanted to.

Episode 5: The Girls Who Paint the Town

Marvita – I predicted that she’d be “Most likely to get the most second chances,” so I was a bit surprised that she was eliminated so early. I was also surprised that after being a comeback model from a previous cycle, that it was actually her lack of determination that caused her elimination.
Her elimination: Thumbs up. The photo was awful, and her shots before that weren’t so great, either. Add onto that her awful runway walk during the Badgley Mitchka show and I think it was a bit past her time.
Her entertainment value: 4 out of 10. If it hadn’t been for the fact that she was a comeback model from last cycle, I really don’t know that many people would remember much about her. She did have a few good moments — especially in some of the bonus clips shown on the recap episode, that really were quite funny.
Her post-show model potential: 4 of 10. I think that she could pull off a good career if she really wanted to and was really determined and committed to it, but for some reason I really don’t see her doing that — I think partially because we haven’t heard a thing about her at all since she exited the ANTM house. Where are you Marvita?

Episode 6: The Girls Who Rock

Aimee – I predicted her “most likely to be eliminated on the male model shoot,” but she sadly didn’t even last that long. A huge waste, IMO. She had the looks, she had the body, she had the enthusiasm, and she just needed direction as to how to use it and obviously they weren’t able to help her out there. Crying shame.
Her elimination: Major thumbs down. So her meat and music shots weren’t really strong… but her others were just lovely, and — contrary to what Tyra may think — R&B is a hard genre to portray. I would have loved to see her do some of the other later photo shoots.
Her entertainment value: 5 out of 10. Though she wasn’t the most exciting girl in the house, I enjoyed watching her as she seemed to grow and progress. There were a few “huh?” moments thrown in there, like the whole showering debate that seemed just a bit out of place, but were obviously there to sway our opinions about her.
Her post-show model potential: 8 out of 10 With enough time, a good agent, and a half-decent photography director, I think she can do anything. I have tons of confidence in her, and considering she’s already signed (yay!), all I can say is that I’m really looking forward to seeing more of her work!

Episode 7: The Girl Who Does a Nose-Dive

Claire – I predicted that she’d be “most likely to make us laugh,” and she did for the most part. I found her to be one of the best personalities in the house, and thoroughly enjoyed her enthusiasm. Obviously, though, Tyra had it out for her, because she was sent home far too soon.
Her elimination: Big thumbs down. I thought her Fuerza-Bruta shot was lovely and — contrary to what Tyra said — quite soft and delicate. With a great, edgy look, good proportions, great enthusiasm, and a sense of humor, she would have been an ideal ANTM.
Her entertainment value: 8 out of 10. If Claire had a show, I’d watch it. She was intelligent, she was funny, and her lifestyle and some of the things she did on camera really did take you by surprise.
Her post-show model potential: 8 out of 10. The only thing that she has against her right now is time, since she is older than many just-starting-out models. I’m looking forward to seeing what she does in the future.

Episode 9: The Girls Who are Jetsetters

Stacey-Ann – I predicted that she’d be “most likely to have a nervous breakdown,” and once again was wrong. Though she definitely didn’t seem too pleased in her post-show interviews talking about her controversial elimination.
Her elimination: One thumb up, one thumb down. Though I never really saw her appeal and thought that she should have gone home sooner, I have no idea how one could justify sending her home against someone who missed the photo shoot (except of course, that I’m sure the photo shoot/consulate appointment issue was rigged by ANTM producers so that Fatima would have to miss one or the other). Either way, Stacey-Ann sure did get the short end of the stick.
Her entertainment value: 6 out of 10. I felt like we really didn’t see much of Stacey-Ann through this cycle, and that tends to make me think that she was a bit less entertaining than some of the other girls. Yet the parts they did show of Stacey-Ann were in fact quite entertaining (think: her dance during the first episode).
Her post-show model potential: 5 out of 10. Like I said, I don’t see her appeal, but I do know that a lot of people thought she was great, so who knows, maybe she will have a great future career. Personally, I think the reason she made it as far as she did was because she had a good reality TV personality.

Episode 10: The Girl Who is Not a CoverGirl

Lauren – I voted her “most likely to be sent home for not being committed,” and in a way, that was accurate, because they seemed to think that she didn’t try at all on her CoverGirl commercial. And oh what a CoverGirl commercial that was! Absolutely painful.
Her elimination: Thumbs up. She had a few great photos, but seemed to kind of “luck into” all of them (except perhaps the meat shot, where she actually had a character in mind). With an atrocious walk on top of that, I was surprised that Tyra’s “project girl” this cycle made it that far.
Her entertainment value: 7 out of 10. Her rough-around-the-edges personality did make for interesting reality TV for awhile there, and watching her try to fit in with the rest of the modely-type models did add quite a bit to the ANTM storyline this cycle.
Her post-show model potential: 3 out of 10. It would take some major training for her to be successful in the modeling industry, and with all the other creative outlets that she has going for her, I think she just might realize that modeling’s not worth the headache and trouble… and then go on to be successful in another area of her life.

Episode 11: The Girl Whose Name Tyra Still Can’t Pronounce

Katarzyna – Just as I predicted, she was “most likely to be the fan favorite,” and judging by the stats on this site, her page was viewed many, many more times than anyone else’s, meaning she was definitely one of your favorites. Unfortunately, Tyra obviously didn’t share the same feelings of positivity and goodwill towards Ka-TAR-zna (as she said).
Her elimination: Thumbs WAY down. Her elimination was totally bogus. ‘Nuff said.
Her entertainment value: 3 out of 10. Yes, she’s cutesy, and yes she had her moments, but I really did find watching her runway walk and seeing her photos as the most interesting things about her to watch. Now I have no doubts that this has a lot to do with editing. For the record, I’d love to be her friend… I just don’t think that she gave the editors nearly the amount of drama that they were expecting.
Her post-show model potential: 9 out of 10. If she were to choose to continue pursuing modeling (which it sounds like she is), she’ll be great. She has the look, she has the poise, she has the class, and she has the brains.

Episode 12: The Girl Who Still Looks too Masculine

Dominique – I predicted she’d be “most likely to get her hair chopped off and cry about it.” I was partially right… she did get it chopped off. I’m glad she wasn’t the crying type; I imagine that might have been even more obnoxious than her incessant positive self-talk.
Her elimination: Thumbs up. She should have been gone LONG before, and I really do think that they just kept her around for her reality TV personality appeal. Yes, she had confidence, but it came off as quite delusional and drove everyone nuts.
Her entertainment value: 7 out of 10. Let’s face it, every cycle needs a Jade. It wouldn’t be ANTM without the constant chatter about how awesome oneself is, or how much one deserves to be there. Yes, it gets old after awhile, but without Dominique the show certainly would have been a lot less colorful.
Her post-show model potential: 6 out of 10. I do think that there may be a niche for models like Dom. And there’s no doubt in my mind that she’ll continue pursuing modeling, but let’s just say I don’t expect to see her plastered on magazine covers anytime soon.

Episode 13: The Girls Who Were Very Gracious Losers

Fatima – My prediction was that she’d be “most likely to make everyone in the house hate her,” and I think she was pretty successful in doing just that. Towards the end there, though, I felt myself lightening up on my dislike of her, and I do believe that she left a much more gracious loser than she had come in as.
Her elimination: Thumbs up. I honestly think her elimination should have been WAY sooner, but, hey, at least she was around long enough to pull of a few good shots (such as her CoverGirl one, which is quite lovely. And she was around long enough to somewhat redeem her from her negative and obnoxious attitudes from the earlier episodes.
Her entertainment value: 8 out of 10. Again, a lot of what she said and did annoyed me. But I can’t deny that it also entertained me. How much fun would it be watching everyone get along? ANTM wouldn’t do that to us! So, they gave us Fatima, to cleverly instigate fights, to do what she wants and ask questions later, to point out everyone’s faults, and to keep us interested.
Her post-show model potential: 9.5 out of 10. I think that Fatima is going to do very well for herself. She has a unique look, strong features, and a very determined attitude. She had improved so much over the course of the cycle that I think she would be much more successful now than if she had just tried to jump into the modeling world without going through ANTM first. I see her becoming another Bianca, with great photos and a successful workload very soon after ANTM.

Anya– I predicted that she’d be the girl “I’m Most likely to love and hate (at the same time),” and she surprised me. I actually ended up liking her a lot more than hating her. She really was a much better model than I expected, and also much more intelligent than they made her out to be in the first few episodes.
Her elimination: Still undecided. If ANTM were based on actual abilities, I think that she should have won, hands down. But ANTM is really more about making statements and giving people chances, so I can see why she wasn’t chosen. I am glad that she made it to the top two.
Her entertainment value: 5 out of 10. Sure, she’s sweet; and I’d love to be her friend. But throw fourteen Anyas on a TV show together and you’d get more Brady Bunch than ANTM. An incredibly high-fashion Brady Bunch, but with all the sugary sweetness, kindness, and compassion that ANTM just wouldn’t know what to do with.
Her post-show model potential: 10 out of 10. She’s going to make it far; mark my words.

Whitney – So… my girl who was “least likely to win” actually ended up pulling it off, one way or another. I went from liking her a lot to not liking her so much to liking her again, but not quite as much as before. Whitney… I just don’t know what to think about you.
Her win: Again, still undecided (see Anya’s)
Her entertainment value: 6 out of 10. At first, she seemed a bit one-dimensional with the plus-size modeling thing. As the cycle went on, she became more interesting as she struggled in photo shoots, overcame disappointments, and joined in fights in the house. Towards the end, all eyes focused back to her plus-sizedness and she once again became somewhat one-dimensional.
Her post-show model potential: 9 out of 10. She has Elite; she has CoverGirl; she has a good thing going for her. I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of her in the next year, and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of career she’s able to enjoy after the dust has settled.

More reasons to like Fatima… go figure

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So how bad is it really that I like Fatima so much more now than when she was on the show?  Perhaps it’s because she’s speaking honestly and bluntly, but doing it in a way that doesn’t tear people down?  Perhaps some of her demeanor really was just in the edit?

When [Claire Unabia] and [Lauren Utter] and [Katarzyna Dolinska] got kicked off, I was just like this whole thing is a joke… They look like models.  If this supposed to be a modeling competition, one of them should have won or [Anya Kop] should have won.” – Fatima

Wow.  She hit the nail right on the head, and threw in some compliments for Claire, Lauren, Kat, and Anya.  Who is this humbler, gentler girl and what have you done with the Fatima we loved to hate?

Whitney took great pictures and she definitely knows how to conduct herself — she’s very outspoken and she speaks really well… I think that’s why she won over Anya, otherwise I wanted Anya to win.  Anya has that high-fashion look and she really knows how to model.  But she lacks the confidence and speech skills that Whitney has.” – Fatima

What?  More compliments?  What on earth is going on here???

To be quite honest, Whitney doesn’t look like a plus-sized model to me.  I feel like she doesn’t look like a plus-size model, and therefore it’s sending the wrong message because there are women who are actually full-figured and they see her and say, ‘Wow, if she’s a plus-size model than what am I?’” – Fatima

Again… I agree with her!  A size 8 (or even a size 10, if that’s what she is) is by NO means “plus-sized.”  Tyra should have stuck with the “real-size” label.

I did say, ‘Yeah, people think I look like Iman.’  I never said, ‘I think I look like Iman.’  We look a little similar, but we don’t look that much alike.  I was quite flattered to be compared to a supermodel, but at the same time I feel like it didn’t help me at all… I want people to know me as Fatima.  I don’t want to be known as ‘Baby Iman.’  I want to make a name for myself.” – Fatima

Again… another glimpse of Fatima’s intelligence and — what is that I sense? — could it be negativity towards the judges?  This girl is more like me than I thought!

I must say, the Fatima we saw in the finale, and who gave this interview is a far better Fatima than the one that called the black girls “ghetto” in the first episode.  Was there a transformation?  Did she learn how to get along better with people?  Or has she now turned her sights away from the other girls and the judges and gone on to try to manipulate another group: the media?

Read the rest of the interview over at

Scandaleisha Part II?

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A recent article at fourfour (LINK) brought a possible scandal to light.  Although, to be quite honest, it had crossed my mind long before that any cycle in which a plus-sized model won would probably have been rigged.  I didn’t need an anonymous letter from someone who goes to school with someone who used to go to school with Whitney to plant that seed of doubt in my mind.  And talk about second-hand information!  (Anyone ever play the game “telephone” in grade school?)

So, this anonymous, gossipy classmate of a chatty, attention-hungry former classmate of Whitney’s writes:

I debated on whether to share this given my source and you may have heard this already…The source is this wonderfully chatty boy in one of my classes…who says he went to high school with Whitney. The claim is that Whitney did not try out for top model but was approached on a plane by someone from the show. She was already doing modeling as a size 2 or 4 but because she was closer to a 4 she was a little too big for the show as a regular model. They told her that if she went and gained 10-20 pounds they would definitely put her on the show as “the plus-size model”. She’s about a 6 or 8 on the show. He even showed us this picture of her when she was smaller which was from a year ago.

He also said that she was going to make the top 3. That’s why I held out from saying anything for 3 weeks. I wasn’t sure if anything was credible. But since the “top 3” thing came through…

Okay… first, let’s look at the credibility of this information:

  • It comes from a classmate of a former classmate who claims Whitney told him.  First off, I’m certain if that were the case, Whitney would be under some sort of contractual agreement not to tell anyone about the arrangement, and for her to go blabbing around to former high school classmates would be completely stupid, putting her place in the competition in jeopardy.
  • Secondly, then this loudmouth former classmate goes and tells everyone in his current (college?) class?  That immediately raises suspicion with me… how many fake spoilers have we read over this past cycle that have come from a friend of a friend… or someone who the person knows who knows someone who works at CW… or someone who heard through their mutual friend about one of the contestants?  And how many of those were actually true?  Yeah, not many.
  • Thirdly, why would you purposely gain 10-20 lbs to be on a reality show, especially if you weren’t guaranteed a win?  If the source had taken it one step further and said that the people who approached her guaranteed her the win, then it might be more believable.  Otherwise, you’ve just inflated yourself for 15 minutes of fame… which, come to think of it, I’m sure some people would do.  When you consider the industry, though, there’s no way Whitney would be able to put on the “I love my curves” facade through the course of the show, lose, go back and lose the weight in order to get back to her model-shape, and then try to get into the industry.  It’d be completely hypocritical.  Basically, if this were the case, it would mean that she resigned herself permanently to plus-sized modeling, despite the fact that she could have a career as a regular model… all for the sake of 15 minutes of fame.  Is she really that shallow?

Now, I’m not saying it’s not what really happened, because, honestly, I wouldn’t put it past Tyra at all, especially since we now know all the facts behind Saleisha’s win.  It was bound to happen someday that Tyra would allow a plus-sized girl to win, and if the winner was really hand-picked, is that really much worse than predetermining from casting, “We’re going to have this plus-sized model win this cycle”?

I’ve found over the hours of watching ANTM that Tyra really does try to make a statement with her winners, and she does favor those who NEED ANTM for a successful career over those who really are better models… Tyra even said it herself last cycle: “Saleisha is that girl that needs ANTM in order to be successful.”  And looking at other runners-up — Elyse is constantly working, Mercedes is a very successful commercial model, Melrose is constantly coming out with new shots, and Chantal is consistently spotted strutting runways or putting out new photos.  Like Anya, those girls don’t need a CoverGirl contract or the other perks that come with being America’s Next Top Model… they’re very capable of getting themselves signed, getting jobs, and working as real models.  Could you say the same about Saleisha?  Would she have been on all those runways the past few months without the ANTM title?  And CariDee?  Danielle?  Nicole?  Naima?

So, I guess the biggest question here is whether the win should go to the girl that’s truly the best model, or if Tyra should be able to stick her nose in and hand-select a girl that she thinks really needs the win to jump-start her career?

Finale Episode – America’s Next Top Model is…

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If you haven’t seen it yet, go out on YouTube and watch it!

Whodathunk? Apparently, Anya wasn’t confident of herself when she started the competition. Sure fooled me!
Fatima admits to having had self-esteem issues… perhaps that’s why she feels the need to put everyone else down?

Here are your lines. You’ve got some extra time, so don’t make me put you on blast. Love, Tyra.

Wow, Tyra… not only do you not rhyme at all, but you don’t make sense either! Bonus!

So… it’s a CoverGirl commercial — surprise, surprise. And their photos are going to be at Walmart. Now if that doesn’t make them want to win it, I don’t know what will. But, apparently they needed more motivation, so they brought in everyone’s “favorite” — Miss Scandaleisha-mushroom-cut herself!

Fatima may have been inspired by Saleisha’s little pep talk, but I was not. Despite being a CoverGirl, Saleisha still talks like a 14-year-old in a high school hallway trying to talk and chew bubble gum at the same time. Whitney rubs it in to Saleisha that she’s the first plus-sized model to make it that far (didn’t Bianca call Saleisha borderline plus-sized last cycle?).

Anya: “There is things that I do need to work on”
Yes, Anya… like your grammar.

CoverGirl commercial highlights:
– Fatima sounded like she was trying to say some sort of tongue twister as fast as she could, but she did look good
– Whitney actually didn’t sound fake! She looked good and sounded good, too. Shocking!
– Once again, Anya saves her somewhat shaky performance by looking cute and flirty… sometimes you just can’t help but like her, I guess.

CoverGirl photo shoot highlights:
– Ummmm… they all did well. Not much more to say.

Tomorrow you will meet with the judges… blah blah go home.

Judging panel highlights:
– I am getting so sick of hearing these judges (especially Paulina and Tyra) mocking the girls. Enough, already!
– The whole “Whitney’s outer beauty is a facade” thing really bugged me. The way that Tyra thinks she has to make certain “tough” girls cry before they’re really beautiful on the inside seems so bizarre to me.

Photos (from my favorite to least favorite)

Fatima – She looks practically angelic here… and look at those cheekbones! Next to the Fuerza-Bruta shot, I do think that this is one of her best.

Whitney – I could definitely see CoverGirl here… easy, breezy, beautiful, for sure! All though I’m sure it’s mostly due to good lighting & photography, she seems to look “soft” and delicate here.

Anya – I guess after such amazing shots earlier on in the competition, I was expecting more from hers. Her bone structure is good, but she seems to be a bit expressionless and almost harsh… beautiful, but not exactly easy or breezy.

Call-out order:
1. Anya
2. Whitney
3. Fatima – eliminated

So… it looks like the it will be Battle of the Blondes for the final two! And for some reason, I already like Fatima better now that she’s gone. I have a feeling that she’s going to go on to be very successful (a la Bianca c9, perhaps?)
Since I don’t include the final 2 in my statistics for call-out averages, we now have our final, complete cycle 10 averages:

(click for full graph)

So, now it’s time for Nigel to shoot the July issue of Seventeen magazine.

– Perhaps it’s the choice of clothing (bright tank top, anyone?) but for the first time Whitney actually looks like a plus-sized model.

– Anya’s covers looked awesome. I mean… for Seventeen magazine, ya know.

And, finally, it’s a Versace runway show with – ugh – Saleisha. Again.
– Tyra actually looked really fab in the dress she was wearing, and definitely worked the runway.
– Saleisha looks like a mushroom with an “ew this stinks” face, as usual.
– Anya looked great… very in cool, collected, and in control, even in the supertight silver thing
– Whitney looked like she was flopping all over the runway… a little too much shoulder/arm/hip movement, in my opinion… but she did do a great job not tripping over that fluffy pink dress with the ridiculous train, and the color really suited her

And it’s time for the final judging panel! Highlights:
– So… Tyra and Paulina changed clothes between the runway and the judging panel, but Anya and Whitney are wearing Versace dresses and seem to have the same makeup and hairdos as they had during the runway. What’s up with that?
– They reviewed the previous shots: homeless, music, Fuerza Bruta, classic celebrities… what about the others??? It could have been a time issue, I guess, but I’d have loved to see some of the other ones reviewed.
– Paulina hates Whitney. There’s no other way to say it. She didn’t even try to hide her bias.
– Tyra was disappointed by Anya’s runway

So… it basically came down to whether they wanted the first plus-sized winner or the first truly high-fashion winner. And the plus-sized appeal wins out, but Anya was a truly gracious runner-up and I know she’s going to do absolutely fantastic in the modeling industry.

As for our winner, Whitney… I think that winning is probably a really good thing for her. It will get her the exposure and recognition that she probably wouldn’t be able to get outside of ANTM, simply due to her size. And I, for one, wish her the best of luck!

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