Friday Morning Update – Episode 11 Photos

May 2, 2008 at 1:51 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

As of right now, episode 11 hasn’t been posted online yet… I’ll try to let you know when it is – or someone can leave a comment letting everyone know where to find it.  Until then… here are my thoughts on this week’s photos… as always, in order of my favorite to least favorite.

Challenge Photos: Gladiators

Anya was the only one, IMO that looked like a model pretending to be a gladiator.  The others either caught one aspect or the other, but not both.  I think it’s the twist of the body that helped… plus, you notice the outfit (always a goal of modeling), whereas others seemed to hide the outfit a bit.

Whitney kind of scared me.  She definitely got the warrior part, but a few things about her fail to be modelesque in this particular shot.  Her left hand, for one, and her face — oh my!  Scary, I tell you.

She’s working hard for the warrior aspect, but not really looking like a gladiator or a model.  Her body positioning and stance just looks awkward, in a bad way.  She looks a bit scared of the whole situation.

Again, like Fatima… she looks neither like a model nor like a warrior.  She looks like she’s having a real struggle holding on to that sword, and her back foot dragging like that just doesn’t look right.

Someone needs to tell Dom that they’re warriors, not ninjas.  Just sayin’.

Photo Shoot: Roman Castle

Can this girl do no wrong?  Seriously, I thought her whole photo was tons better than the other girls’, despite the obnoxious hairstyles.  She looks classy; she looks haughty; and she is posing like a real model.  What’s not to love.  Seriously, I know it took me awhile to jump on the Anya-boat, but at this point, if this girl doesn’t win, it’ll be one of the biggest tragedies in ANTM history.

Fatima did well on this shoot — I’ll definitely give that to her.  It’s nowhere near the caliber of her Fuerza-Bruta shot (which I loved) but it does show some creativity on her part which was severely lacking in her earliest shots.  I’d gladly give her the “most improved” award for this cycle.

Okay, so the face isn’t the best.  But the pose, the body positioning… spot on!  She looks the part and looks beautiful while doing it.

Ugh.  At first glance, this looks to me like some seedy, low-cost, 80s pop music video still.  Even moving beyond the hideous wardrobe is the posey pose and the complete lack of expression on the face.  Ugh, ugh, ugh.

Whitney is majorly slipping, in my opinion.  Her confidence and spunk now resembles blind arrogance, and her photos keep getting worse from week to week.  My favorite shots of hers: homeless, lingerie, and meat.  Yeah, her FIRST three.  My least favorite of hers… this one.  Unless she was directed to back into a corner and pretend that she was dying, this photo totally missed the mark.  She did the same “model-staring-into-the-light” thing that Amis did in episode 2, only without the same cute naiveté that Amis had.  Hunched over, broken, dying.  Things are not looking good.



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  1. Dominique’s friggen one-raised eyebrow look in, like, every picture drives me insane! Ughhhh!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more A.

  3. Things aren’t looking good for Whitney, but it would be insulting to her (just like it’s been insulting to everyone else) if she went home before Dominique. Seriously, why is she still there?!


    ps this is NOT my youtube accunt or anythign!

  5. I would have been very upset to be in the competition and eliminated before Dominique.

    Well, unless I was Kim, but she doesn’t count.

    There’s no way Dom would last as a model – no one would book her, even though she has some good shots. She looks old, and she doesn’t know how present herself well.

    Also, I would like to comment that I think the only contestant wearing pants during judging was Whitney. (I want to love Whitney so much but she makes it so hard sometimes!) Fatima’s dress wasn’t bad… I kind of liked it, if I remember right… Kat’s was very see through and short, and Dominiqe was basically wearing a shirt that she had pulled down way too far and some brown leggings.

  6. GO HOME DO[MAN]IQUE!!!!!! Seriously, She Sucks.

  7. It’s in 888770’s YouTube account as well now.

  8. I’m worried about Nigel’s commments. He’s always making such negative comments about how she doesn’t have what it takes to be ANTM, even though she’s got the modelesque qualities. I mean i understnad that ANTM’s aim is now more of a all-around role model who is not only beautiful inside out, but has the ability to speak well in public.

    I think out of all the models I’d rather have Anya or Whitney win. Despite the amount of hate Whitney gets, I feel her mission on this show is stronger and Tyra likes how she wants to change the modeling industry. I”m disappointed that ANTM chose to hide Kat’s personality.

    I’m still rooting for Anya personally but stupid Nigel somehow doesn’t think she’ll be a good representation of a winner in ANTM. Perhaps any winner at this point would be unconventional and none of them seem similar to any of the winners in past cycles.

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