Episode 11 – We are Spartans

May 3, 2008 at 4:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

So, I finally got around to watching Episode 11, thanks to antmcwtv over at Youtube.

5 girls remain… who will be eliminated tonight? Or, in this case… a few days ago. And if you don’t know by now, well, then I commend you on avoiding the spoilers thus far.

First, a comment on the title.  “We are Spartans.”  Someone should really point out to whoever made up the title that Spartans were Grecian, not Italian.

Princess Fatima who thinks she has no competition makes a comment about how Kat has no personality. Harsh! Miss Whitney USA who was freaking out about being in the bottom two totally agrees. Again… harsh!

In Rome, you must fight for the masses if you want to pose for the classes. Love, Tyra.

Once again, Tyra… you make no sense.

So, they go and watch some gladiator role players pretend to beat each other up… which looks completely fake.

Biggest lie ever: “I don’t like fighting.” -Fatima
She may not be a physically violent person, but there’s no way she could think we actually believe that she doesn’t like fighting. The episodes this season have definitely proven otherwise.

I’m really glad that they taught the models how to swordfight. Finally, something that is relevant to today’s fashion industry and will actually help them become household names in the modeling world. It’s definitely going to impress their agents, and is sure to help them get signed after they leave the show. With that on their resumes, who WOULDN’T hire them?[/sarcasm]

The whole Fatima/Dom fight was hilarious. Basically because they were both so completely clueless. Dom thinks that Fatima is going to be eliminated for being such a pathetic gladiator. Fatima thinks that she’s really showing Dom her tough, aggressive side and that it’s going to intimidate her. Hilarious. Personally, I think they should both take each other out.

Surprise… it turns out it’s a challenge. Whodathunk? And they’re fighting this ridiculously huge gladiator guy that probably sits at a desk working on a computer for his “real job.” Okay, and how many times do the Jays have to tell them that it is a photo challenge? How many models does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

– Anya rocks. Her analysis of the environment and her shot was brilliant
– Fatima can’t walk and chew gum. I mean… fight a gladiator and look modelesque
– Whitney wins the challenge and picks Anya to go on a shopping spree with her.

By now your inexperience should be a thing of the past. Love, Tyra.

Oh, Tyra… you don’t know these girls at all, do you?

The photo shoot… a modern interpretation of the Renaissance. With Saleisha-like mushroom wigs! With Tyra!

– Whitney, Fatima, and Dom managed to say the word “Tyra” five times in the course of fifteen seconds… in regular conversation! Amazing!
– Tyra is wearing a hideous outfit.
– Katarzyna totally did not follow directions. Still looked great… but didn’t follow directions
– Dom apparently rocked it. To me, she looked like a mix between a marionette and 80s rocker Barbie
– Fatima actually did what she was supposed to be doing the whole time… and that really impressed Tyra
– I can’t believe Tyra & Jay actually told Whitney to pose like that — looking up into the light, and with her arms by her side. Huh?
– Anya rocked it, as always. I rarely agree with Tyra, but when she commented about how Anya is comfortable with her body, knows her angles, and gives her lots of poses… I totally agreed.

Dom slaps me: “I was a real high-fashioned model! Okay? And Tyra took my pictures! I mean, this is just a slap in the face to everyone else in America cuz no one else can say that Tyra took their pictures, but she took my pictures! And Tyra loves me!
Once again, Dom proves that she has no idea what she’s talking about 98% of the time. -10 points for nonsensical use of the phrase “a slap in the face.” Unless she really was trying to insult everyone. In which case, -10 points for not realizing that Tyra has taken other people’s photos, too… like, the top four from cycle 9? And — someone correct me if I’m wrong — the girls from cycle 8 as well?

Tomorrow you will meet with the judges… blah blah

Judging Panel Highlights:
– Tyra apparently screws up her line. But since I don’t speak French or Italian, I have no idea what she said either time. So, I guess that was her attempt at humor?
– The outfits in panel… all were pretty hideous. Whitney just won a shopping spree — does she really not have anything better to wear than that? And Dom’s shirt dress looks like it was two sizes too small.
– Apparently this was the first time that Tyra has ever shot a photoshoot indoors. Um. ‘Kay. High fashion photographer I am not, but that just proves to me all the more that Tyra isn’t one, either.

Photos… we’ve already seen (scroll down a bit if you missed them).

Call-out order:
1. Fatima
2. Dominique
3. Anya
4. Whitney

And Katarzyna got sent home. Yet another ridiculous elimination, in my opinion. For “coasting along”… not getting “excellent” photos… and being nice, but not being a standout personality. Who else thought Kat’s elimination was bogus? Comments?



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  1. I completely agree that Katarzyna being eliminated was bogus. It was wrong, it was stupid, it was unfair.. the list goes on. Whitney has been struggling for weeks now, and so far this cycle has now been in the bottm 2 THREE TIMES. How many times has Kat been in the bottom 2? Oh, that’s right– NEVER. TYRA PISSES ME THE HELL OFF. She’s an unfair fool.

    But whatever, Kat will be more successful than any of these losers (Whitney, Dom and Fatima).

  2. I totally agree. I was SO pissed off that Katarzyna got eliminated. They have literally sent my favorites girls home back to back to back, and on and on… First Aimee, then Claire, then Stacy-Ann, then Lauren, now Katarzyna?! What is this competition going to come to? Now I have no favorite girls left…and don’t want anyone to win. >>;; Watch them make Dominique ANTM.

  3. and Tyra also shot girls from cycle 7 and 1

  4. Off the top of my head, I can think of 5 different times prior to this cycle that Tyra shot the girls:
    Cycle 5- random black-and-white outdoors shoot where she put vaseline on their faces
    Cycle 6- random black-and-white crying shoot
    Cycle 7- random black-and-white freaky shoot with those weird contacts to make their eyes look scary
    Cycle 8- final 5 “women’s magazine” shoot
    Cycle 9- Great Wall warrior shoot

    I don’t remember if she shot the girls cycles 1-4, it’s possible that she did then too. My point, being that Dominique is definitely delusional.

  5. Cycle 1 Tyra shot the girls outside of their apartment complex, looking into the sky. It was the Final 4.

  6. Definately an unfair elimination, while I’m glad that Whitney stayed Kat did not deserve to go.

    Did Tyra not say what intense eyes Kat had in the paint shoot? Even saying she had something that Anya didn’t. Kat’s emo photo also had the same intense eyes. This week wasn’t her best but I think it was the second best photo after Anya.

    I seriously don’t see how the judges can think that Dom is getting better, or even model material!

    If Whitney makes it to the top 3, I hope she doesn’t have the “fake” act again; it was unbearable to watch before.

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