Playing Favorites…

May 3, 2008 at 7:55 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

Through each cycle of ANTM, we often find the judges playing favorites. From their comments in panel, it’s sometimes very easy to see who those favorites are. Whose side are they really on when it comes to our final four?

+Paulina – She seems to always have positive things to say about Anya, except for one comment very early on about how she wasn’t very impressive in person. Most recently, “she just keeps getting better and better!”

Tyra – She said from the beginning that she’s going to be tougher on Anya since she has more experience, and there have been a few times that she has said things that seemed a bit nitpicky, but for the most part (excluding the commercial), she seems pretty impressed with Anya.

Miss Jay – He rarely says anything about Anya at all in panel, which I find a bit unusual. Everything he has said, though, has been positive, including this week’s “Italian Vogue” compliment.

-Nigel – If there’s one person that’s highly critical of Anya, it’s Nigel. He’s said that she doesn’t look impressive in person, that she “falls into” good shots (implying that she’s just lucky), and that she has a weak personality.

+Nigel– For some inexplicable reason, Nigel really seems to like Dominique. Even he admits that she’s not model-ready yet, but he seems most willing to compliment her photos.

Tyra – She seems to like Dominique… somewhat… and perhaps even in spite of herself. This week’s confession that she wasn’t excited to shoot Dom, but was pleasantly surprised somewhat echoed her surprise during the paint shoot when she commented on how well she pulled off the “soft” look.

Paulina – Although at first commenting on Dominique looking drag and “soccer mom,” Paulina’s lately been focusing her comments on how Dom has improved, stating in various ways that she is, indeed, getting better.

Miss Jay – Again, Jay doesn’t seem to have much to say about her, but he also seems to have transitioned from “drag” jokes to comments on how her photos are getting stronger.

+Tyra– Whether it’s because she looks like Iman or because of her heartbreaking story, Tyra definitely favors Fatima. Even when she makes excuses about her body hair… even when she doesn’t have her papers in order… even when she makes excuse after excuse for her poor performance, Tyra let her stay. And now that she actually is doing well in the competition, Tyra can’t shut up about it, completely disregarding her flaws (such as the fact that she did AWFUL on the challenge this week).

Nigel– Whereas at first, Nigel didn’t seem to impressed with her, it seems that she is making her way into his good graces with her past few photos. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of her after he gets a chance to shoot her himself.

Paulina– She doesn’t seem to be very impressed with Fatima. Although she will admit when she does a nice job or takes a good photo, she doesn’t seem to go out of her way to compliment Fatima herself.

-Miss Jay – Ever since the incident at the fire house where Fatima didn’t listen to his directions, he really has not had much positive to say about her. This week he even implied that she wasn’t putting forth as much effort as she should be.

+Tyra – It seems pretty obvious that Tyra’s rooting for Whitney this cycle. She’s in complete denial of the fact that the other judges think Whitney’s fake, and rarely ever has anything negative to say about her. Of all the girls, Tyra has the most encouraging words directed towards Whitney, and actually says them in ways that aren’t degrading.

Nigel – He’s a bit hard to read, as he seems to kind of waver back and forth with his comments about Whitney… one week saying that she has a dynamic, wonderful personality, and then two weeks later saying that she seems fake. Most recently, he seems back on Tyra’s “she has a great, confident personality” bandwagon.

Miss Jay – Though he has a record of getting along well with the plus-sized models, Miss Jay seems almost a bit disappointed with Whitney week after week. As he said in this week’s episode… she was good, but he “expected more.”

-Paulina– It’s becoming more and more obvious that she is not a fan of Whitney’s, especially with her lovely imitation of Whitney’s “fakeness” during the commercial shoot. She’s also used the words “dull,” “self-conscious,” and “mad” to describe Whitney.



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  1. i think all your observations are spot on. i know its about the top 4 but im curious what you wouldve said about katarzyna. i mean i know tyra hated her, but what about the rest?
    and its so annoying how tyra looks over whitneys fake personality! that commercial was god AWFUL, and all tyra said, was “i liked it” gahhh

  2. Maria – Good question!

    Tyra – Well, we all know Tyra had it in for Kat. Though, unlike some of the other judges, she did actually have some positives to say about her photos. For instance, she really liked Kat’s jetsetter, Fuerza Bruta, and paint shots, but seemed to be more and more disappointed with Kat’s supposed lack of personality.

    Paulina – As much as we fault Tyra, Paulina had some not-so-flattering things to say about Kat, too (“mail order bride,” “forgettable,” “tries too hard”). But she did actually paid Kat compliments every once in a while, too. For instance, she was the only regular judge to think that Kat’s commercial was the best.

    Nigel – He’s had kind of mixed things to say about Kat as well. He mentioned that she looks like a model, and that she’s beautiful… but also gave the very vague comment about “something” that she had missing. What that something is? Who knows?

    Miss Jay – I can’t recall a single positive thing that he said about her… his comments were all along the lines of calling her a poledancer or sex kitten, and later on saying that she was still missing “something.”

  3. I think it’s good to analyze what the judges say although I’m sure a bunch of stuff is edited.

    Tyra is REALLY Getting on my nerves since the episode with the plane photos. I hope she doesn’t make Anya seem like undeserving or screw up her modeling career from this show because I really hope she can go far 😦

  4. And what would you say about Lauren? Before her elimination I used to think that the judges liked her…

  5. Tonite…

    Finally…Oh Gosh..Thanks… Domiqiue eliminated…
    Bottom two with Fatima..
    The first called out was Anya, and after that Whitney..

    Talking about last week elimination..thats make me upset…that’s the riddiculous elimination beside the final deliberation that Saleisha won last cycle.. weks…

    I think Katarzyna is a stand out performance there beside Anya…a consistently performance..but poorly…why she must eliminated?…

    I think thats should two blonde in the final two..and the winner is Anya…

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