Episode 12: Ready For My Close-Up

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My YouTube call out today goes to antmcwtv — thanks for the timely upload!

We’re down to the final four… who will be eliminated tonight?

As we all know, Fatima, Whitney, Anya, and Dominique are our final four (Whodathunk?). And Whitney thought she was going to go home last week. And we talk about how far she’s come, etc which is definitely a bad sign.

Ew. Okay, so they say that when they get home they finally see Saliesha’s photos on the walls (although I was fairly certain I saw one on the wall either last episode or the one before… huh?) And Whitney is surprised that Scandaliesha got to pose with Tyra – I thought she said she’s watched this show before? Wouldn’t she know that ALL the former winners got to pose with Tyra?

SCARY, SCARY THOUGHT: “I guess I’m the Saleisha this competition!” –Dom

On a side note… here are some DoMANique/Scandaleisha similarities…
– They both got an awful makeover
– They both were convinced they were going to win throughout the whole season
– They both had a less-than-fantastic portfolio
– I was shocked to see them both make it as far as they did

Fatima‘s bad-talking Dom. Hey, this could be good! If you remember correctly, here’ our pattern so far:
– Episode 1: Fatima calls the Ali girl “ghetto”… Ali girl goes home
– Episode 3: Fatima calls Allison “fat”… Allison goes home
– Episode 4: Fatima calls Amis “immature”… Amis goes home
– Episode 5: Fatima says Marvita isn’t taking the competition seriously… Marvita goes home
– Episode 11: Fatima says Kat has no personality… Kat goes home
– Does anyone remember Fatima badmouthing Atalya, Aimee, Claire, Stacy, or Lauren on their last episodes? Those were the only ones I specifically remembered.

Take a picture; you might last longer.

They arrive at a park and run into Paulina and photographer Francesco Licata. And… he’s going to teach them photography. Ugh. First off… are they using the flash? Secondly, this challenge is ridiculous. Obviously, it’d be helpful to know what the photographer is doing behind the camera, but none of these girls are photographers, and it takes a lot more than a fancy camera (with the settings on “automatic” and the flash on) to make them photographers.

So, they have five minutes to take great photos of Paulina to win an extra 50 frames. Dang… I would rock this challenge. Bring on the extra frames, Paulina… they’re all mine.

Fatima did a good job directing Paulina, but she’s going to get some nasty shadows with that ugly plant that was behind Paulina
Dominique couldn’t direct Paulina and kept taking the same pictures over and over again
Whitney was trying hard… and did pretty well. She also did a lot better than the others with getting well-composed shots, from what I could tell
Anya did a great job playing with the environment. Obviously, she had the longest to think about things she wanted to do… but she was all over the place and didn’t seem to be paying as much attention to composition as directing the model.
– The winner was Fatima. Huh. Okay.

They’re out for blood, but they’ll give you a taste of fame.

Bats? Vampires? Nope… movie stars from the 50s being stalked by the paparazzi.

Nigel Barker gets to be their photographer for this shoot… screaming ensues. Anya‘s makeup looks nasty. Fatima doesn’t know how to act sexy because she’s never had a boyfriend. Because obviously a serious relationship is a prerequisite for acting sexy.

– I thought Anya was doing fantastic, but the best shot was when Jay distracted her… so… are they setting her up for a fall?
Fatima‘s was a disaster… and then she looked at her photos, and then kept doing the same thing again.
Whitney fell back into her poseyness
Dom looks drag and, according to Jay… took a few steps back. Are they finally going to send Dom home??

The photos… in order of my favorite to least favorite…

Anya – She has some energy here, unlike the other girls, and she really looks like someone who was taken off guard by the paparazzi. Her face is strong and she looks the part.

Whitney – She actually looked to me like a classic movie star, and this particular picture I don’t see as being overly posey, either. It wasn’t super, but it was the best of the four.

Fatima – She looks ridiculous, but one could actually imagine a movie star looking somewhat like that when surprised by the paparazzi. I guess.

Dominique – Um…huh? I can’t even figure out what’s going on with this shot, what with all the arms and legs and it looks like he’s trying to strangle her! And she looks more masculine than he does!

Judging panel highlights:
– Hasn’t Whitney already worn that outfit to panel, like, three times or something?

Call-out order:

1. Anya
2. Whitney
3. Fatima

And for the first time ever this cycle, my call-out order has matched theirs! I was so glad to see Fatima & Dom in the bottom two. I don’t think I could have handled both of them in the top three. And I’m feeling better about the finale now that Dom isn’t in it. Thoughts? Comments? How glad were you to see her go?


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  1. Dom’s picture was SO.BAD. My sister and I started cracking up when we saw it. She looks like a man! I realize that Fatima isn’t a nice person, but when it comes to model potential, she’s got it and Dom does not. I’m so so so glad she FINALLY went home.

    As for the final three, I’m not too disappointed. I think Anya should win, but Nigel really seems to hate her and I’m afraid that’s going to hurt her in the end. Whitney and Fatima are annoying, but at least they’re pretty (which is shallow…but hey, it’s a model show).

  2. 0kay…so WtF?!?!? DOMINQUE should not have gone home. isn’t THiS show about improving? uhh..at least she wasn’t a little bitch stank ass pu*** about leavin. I hope she sucseeds and gains sumthin out of THiS compition. i hope next cycle will have girls tHAtz are hi fashion a la houte coutoure “look”. Whitney is to colgate tooth paste, Fatima aka mini Iman does lookm like a hi fashion model,Anya is a strong competitor an is deep down nice.

  3. dominique said she was the Saleisha of this cycle because she was saying that she was goin to win the compettion..but as we know she doesnt..she’s the bianca of this season lolz

  4. i wonder why they keep whitney so long. I really hope that anya win. I’ll be waiting for cycle 11 to start and things might not be the same as in cycle 10. Anyway, where is the overseas go sees challenge this cycle?

  5. I feel like some burden has been lifted from the house’s shoulders now that dominic is gone. Her air of confidence was a little overwhelming and I have to agree with anya, it just drains you. It kinda reminds me of Bianca cycle 9 how she was giving the drama and was kept until final 4 and was let go. Although I liked Bianca more than I did Dominic, since it seemed everyone in cycle 9 got along very very well.

    The commercial shoot makes me worried for Anya since she does have an accent. I hope she does well 😡
    I hate how Nigel just puts her down but i guess they did say they were going to be harder on her. She is still young which may be the reason for her immaturity as a model to zone in on certain poses and themes but she has such awesome modelesque features.

  6. Well… I’m so disapointed of this Cycle, and i really lost my interest seeing this show. I mean, since katarzyna left… i don have hopes, and I think Witney and Fatima weren’t the best models… thas patetic…

    but i’ve discovered that this isnt a TOP MODEL show… that just the name but really is just about be a CoverGirlModel, be a good Tyra’s Girl like the others…

    And finally, when they pick the Dom’s photo I realize it!

    They can manipulate the show as they want!
    The photo we saw of Dominique, Katarzyna, Aimee, Claire, etc, etc… WEREN’T their BEST SHOOT!
    the pick a bad photo to the girls they planed to eliminate!

    –> Because here are a TIP for everyone… Personality EXISTS… even when you spend all the day sleeping, reading, watching T.V… even when in a party you are sit all night! THAT IS THE PERSONALITY… Tyra, HAVE Personality doesn’t mean that you will talk, dance, scream, say your opinion… NO! THAT’S JUST A KIND OF PERSONALITY… I think KAtarzyna has, between Anya, the most Beautifull personality in the show!… they’re sweets, nice… and Really.. Katarzyna really knows how the things works…

    well… all this is shit! Tyra isn’t looking for a Top Model.. she’s looking for a girl with HER LIKES… not with the INDUSTRY NEEDED!….

    So, that’s cause I watch since now Australia’s next top model 😉 is really GOOD!

    and you should watch Cleveland’s next top model on youtube! is really funny!

    well… sorry if I have a LOT OF ERRORS in my comment.. i’m from mexico and i don’t speak english.. jaja

  7. um i think in the episode lauren went home fatima said how she thinks she is soooooo hardcore bus shes not. and she needs to control her temper.

  8. GO WHITNEY!!!

    sorry anya fans…

  9. i love your take on ANTM… i used to check out the pics each week on the CW site… but this is soo much better!! keep it up!!

  10. didn’t fatima and lauren get in a fight about coffee and she also was part of targeting aimee about the shower

  11. didn’t fatima and lauren get in a fight about coffee and she also was part of targeting aimee about the shower.

  12. GO ANYA!!!!!!!!

  13. Fatima to become ANTM!!

  14. How come Jay didn’t try distracting the other girls into a good shot?

  15. seriously fatima is getting on mi nerves. im starting to like dom bettr, now tht she’s gone.

    i luv anya-but im really rooting 4 whit this cycle becz no plus-sized has made it this far:)


  16. I have noticed a pattern. In the theme song/intro, the first girl always shown becomes the runner up, (Chantal, Natasha, Melrose). The third girl usually wins, (Saleisha, ect.) This cycle Anya is first and Whitney is third. Anyone???

  17. I’m so glad that dom is GONE:D

  18. I absolutely agree with Nina…

    This best site about ANTM…

    Anya will gonna be win…

  19. My best bottom three in this cycle are Anya, Lauren and Katarzyna… Fatima must be eliminated before and dominique must be eliminated before Claire.

    But Tyra didnt

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