Final Three!

May 14, 2008 at 1:12 pm | Posted in Anya, Fatima, Whitney | 7 Comments

At CW Network 2008 Upfronts:

Anya & Whitney = totally fab
Fatima = should have kept the weave



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  1. OMG!:|

    i’m from holland..:P

  2. wowow!!

    i want anya to win!!!

    i hate whitney personality but i think she is beauutyful and can be a good winner! ;_9

    and fatima is cute,i like her smile and hair,but her long hair,not this!but she´s not the winner!

  3. I actually really like all of them in the picture. I just think Fatima has one of those beautiful faces that can handle really long hair or no hair at all.

  4. They all look beautiful. I actually love Fatima’s new hair cut. Yeah she looks totally different, but she looks adorable and still stunning, and you can tell she’s gained a few pounds. Also she may have gotten rid of her weave because it could of gotten to ratty and hard to take care of, tyra isn’t known for giving the best weaves.

  5. Fatima looks freaky!! Go ANYA!! I’m fine with whoever wins AS LONG AS ITS NOT FATIMA!!

  6. omg fatima…fatima…. no wants you to win.
    ew.ew.ew. her weave made her look like a model istead of that AWFUL orange hair she had. now she’s bald, she looks just as bad.
    although nicole (above) said the weaves are bad. i agree, because an interview with lauren said that hers fell out and whitney had to get hers redone.

  7. OMG Fatima hair was the only thing keeping her from looking totally anorexied

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