Last Call for Top Three Predictions!!

May 14, 2008 at 5:57 pm | Posted in Anya, Fatima, Whitney | 6 Comments


Tonight’s the big night! Is everyone geared up for the finale?

Now’s your last chance to discuss your predictions of who is going to win and take home the title of America’s Next Tyra Banks!

Will it be Anya? Strong portfolio… challenge winner… fan favorite… enthusiastic girl from Hawaii?

Will it be Fatima? Great improvement… exotic look… drama queen of the house… been-there-survived-that girl from Somalia?

Or will it be Whitney? Fierce competitiveness… all-American look… fighting for a cause… overachieving plus-size girl from Florida?
My predictions:
First, a disclaimer. I’m aware I have a fairly good track record when it comes to predicting who will go each episode, but that knack seems to go downhill when it reaches the final three. Perhaps it’s because Tyra’s final decision is often based on nothing more than her passing whims? Or because it always seems to be the most illogical choice? At any rate… c8 I was sure Natasha was going to win; c9 I was certain it would NOT be Saleisha; and both times I was proved dead wrong. So… take it with a grain of salt.

As much as I think that Anya should win, I have a gut feeling that Whitney will actually take home the prize. Perhaps it’s because Anya this cycle has reminded me of a combination of Joanie (in personality & photos)/Melrose (in looks & photos)/Natasha (in personality & background)/Chantal (in looks & personality)… and all of those were runners-up. Or perhaps it’s because I’m still trying to rationalize how Whitney is still there. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s a fine model… but when others such as Katarzyna and Claire were eliminated first, and since she’s survived three bottom twos before the final four, it seems a bit suspect. Perhaps Tyra is really that determined to let a plus-sized girl win a cycle?

So, that’s my prediction. The runner-up is basically going to depend on who does the best on the CoverGirl commercial. Fatima being eliminated next would follow the pattern of the third place going to the drama queen of the house, but they didn’t follow that last cycle, either. Of the two, Anya’s going to have to work harder to do well on the commercial since the judges were quite jaded by her Italian commercial and loved Fatima’s.

Either way, we’ll know soon enough!  Remember to keep voting for the international top model show that I’ll be covering next — currently Australia is beating out Britain!



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  1. I myself believe that two possible things could happen:

    Anya’s commercial will be the “trainwreck” or will somehow be made to look bad if it isn’t so that Fatima could make it to second place, and so that Whitney may take home the gold when compared to her. That’s the worst-case scenario for me.

    Or Fatima will place 3rd, Whitney 2nd, and the righteous girl who has proved more than almost any contestant in the history of ANTM can get what she deserves, and be the first winner to redeem high fashion and the show, after its hindrance, in my opinion. I just REALLY hope that Anya wins, and there’s something that’s telling me that Fatima will not win, no matter what place she will get. Only one hour left! (I’m posting this at approximately 7 P.M.).

    Oh, and I’d just like to tell you that I check your site regularly because it has the best information regarding ANTM, AusNTM, and BrtNTM, so I’d just like to commend you on great journalism, great vocabulary and spelling (cause that’s so big with me), and for pretty much being alive, haha.

    Well, let’s hope our girl Anya will get what she deserves tonight!

  2. ***SPOILER***Ugh! i just finished watching it…i cant believe Anya didn’t win!!!!i was soo rooting for her! i was soo confident she was going to win! but Whitney? i mean..are you serious!?

  3. Whitney win that competition..
    So disapointed for me…

    How it can be.. Thats should ANYA win that..
    from picture statictic..Anya took call first than whitney just once..

    But…Whitney win..
    Tyra…are u joke?

  4. Anya had the same roof like Joanie from cycle 6…

    Never in the bottom two..
    have the average portfolio..
    stronger competitor..
    But must be as runner up…

  5. Thank you very much for the moderator in this site. Its so useful for me. I am an indonesian and love to see ANTM since cycle 1. Actually I always agree with your write but this time I like Anya than others.

    Thank’s for make a good site for ANTM fans

  6. well…Even though Anya didn’t win, I think for a model like anya, NOT winning was probably better.

    Since the show has had fairly bad critiques of its inability to produce any supermodels (but does provide good experience and a little connection) I think Anya winning may even hinder her ability to model in the industry. Some of the more successful models are those who didn’t win (like in American Idol where some of those winners aren’t as popular as the runner-ups).

    I can see where Anya had flaws in being a covergirl. But that doesn’t mean Anya isn’t a good model 🙂

    lol, btw, This is another similarity between Whitney and Saleisha 😛

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