Finale Episode – America’s Next Top Model is…

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If you haven’t seen it yet, go out on YouTube and watch it!

Whodathunk? Apparently, Anya wasn’t confident of herself when she started the competition. Sure fooled me!
Fatima admits to having had self-esteem issues… perhaps that’s why she feels the need to put everyone else down?

Here are your lines. You’ve got some extra time, so don’t make me put you on blast. Love, Tyra.

Wow, Tyra… not only do you not rhyme at all, but you don’t make sense either! Bonus!

So… it’s a CoverGirl commercial — surprise, surprise. And their photos are going to be at Walmart. Now if that doesn’t make them want to win it, I don’t know what will. But, apparently they needed more motivation, so they brought in everyone’s “favorite” — Miss Scandaleisha-mushroom-cut herself!

Fatima may have been inspired by Saleisha’s little pep talk, but I was not. Despite being a CoverGirl, Saleisha still talks like a 14-year-old in a high school hallway trying to talk and chew bubble gum at the same time. Whitney rubs it in to Saleisha that she’s the first plus-sized model to make it that far (didn’t Bianca call Saleisha borderline plus-sized last cycle?).

Anya: “There is things that I do need to work on”
Yes, Anya… like your grammar.

CoverGirl commercial highlights:
– Fatima sounded like she was trying to say some sort of tongue twister as fast as she could, but she did look good
– Whitney actually didn’t sound fake! She looked good and sounded good, too. Shocking!
– Once again, Anya saves her somewhat shaky performance by looking cute and flirty… sometimes you just can’t help but like her, I guess.

CoverGirl photo shoot highlights:
– Ummmm… they all did well. Not much more to say.

Tomorrow you will meet with the judges… blah blah go home.

Judging panel highlights:
– I am getting so sick of hearing these judges (especially Paulina and Tyra) mocking the girls. Enough, already!
– The whole “Whitney’s outer beauty is a facade” thing really bugged me. The way that Tyra thinks she has to make certain “tough” girls cry before they’re really beautiful on the inside seems so bizarre to me.

Photos (from my favorite to least favorite)

Fatima – She looks practically angelic here… and look at those cheekbones! Next to the Fuerza-Bruta shot, I do think that this is one of her best.

Whitney – I could definitely see CoverGirl here… easy, breezy, beautiful, for sure! All though I’m sure it’s mostly due to good lighting & photography, she seems to look “soft” and delicate here.

Anya – I guess after such amazing shots earlier on in the competition, I was expecting more from hers. Her bone structure is good, but she seems to be a bit expressionless and almost harsh… beautiful, but not exactly easy or breezy.

Call-out order:
1. Anya
2. Whitney
3. Fatima – eliminated

So… it looks like the it will be Battle of the Blondes for the final two! And for some reason, I already like Fatima better now that she’s gone. I have a feeling that she’s going to go on to be very successful (a la Bianca c9, perhaps?)
Since I don’t include the final 2 in my statistics for call-out averages, we now have our final, complete cycle 10 averages:

(click for full graph)

So, now it’s time for Nigel to shoot the July issue of Seventeen magazine.

– Perhaps it’s the choice of clothing (bright tank top, anyone?) but for the first time Whitney actually looks like a plus-sized model.

– Anya’s covers looked awesome. I mean… for Seventeen magazine, ya know.

And, finally, it’s a Versace runway show with – ugh – Saleisha. Again.
– Tyra actually looked really fab in the dress she was wearing, and definitely worked the runway.
– Saleisha looks like a mushroom with an “ew this stinks” face, as usual.
– Anya looked great… very in cool, collected, and in control, even in the supertight silver thing
– Whitney looked like she was flopping all over the runway… a little too much shoulder/arm/hip movement, in my opinion… but she did do a great job not tripping over that fluffy pink dress with the ridiculous train, and the color really suited her

And it’s time for the final judging panel! Highlights:
– So… Tyra and Paulina changed clothes between the runway and the judging panel, but Anya and Whitney are wearing Versace dresses and seem to have the same makeup and hairdos as they had during the runway. What’s up with that?
– They reviewed the previous shots: homeless, music, Fuerza Bruta, classic celebrities… what about the others??? It could have been a time issue, I guess, but I’d have loved to see some of the other ones reviewed.
– Paulina hates Whitney. There’s no other way to say it. She didn’t even try to hide her bias.
– Tyra was disappointed by Anya’s runway

So… it basically came down to whether they wanted the first plus-sized winner or the first truly high-fashion winner. And the plus-sized appeal wins out, but Anya was a truly gracious runner-up and I know she’s going to do absolutely fantastic in the modeling industry.

As for our winner, Whitney… I think that winning is probably a really good thing for her. It will get her the exposure and recognition that she probably wouldn’t be able to get outside of ANTM, simply due to her size. And I, for one, wish her the best of luck!



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  1. I am glad that a plus-sized model won. Maybe we will start to see a change in runway models and girls in magazines. Hopefully girls will start to realize that beauty isnt one dimensional, and that there are different types of beauty. The definition of beautiful is not a sample size (0 or 2), it comes from within, and comes from having confidence in yourself

  2. Congratulations Whitney! I think that Anya and Fatima are more high fashion, but she rocked the runway (a little flouncy for my taste, but whatever) and she really did work hard for this. I hope she goes far.

    As for the other two, I was way impressed with Fatima’s parting speech. She was so sincere and so…excited, almost. It was good to see her not be bitter and hateful about getting sent home; she was hopeful instead and that was sweet. Anya was sweet and gracious, too, and I wish them both the best. I have no doubt that they’ll be successful models.

  3. This make Anya the girl with the highest call-out average in Top Model history right? 😀

  4. Anya’s covergirl photo looks almost exactly like Melrose except looking the other way!

    I agree that Whitney needed this win. When she did cry from the final 3 to final 2 it really was beautiful. If she brings out that vulnerability in her shots I think it would benefit her greatly. I expect she’ll get a lot of unnecessary crude comments on her being plus size as she has in the past so I’m hoping the best for her.

    Boof: lol it does doesn’t it. Even higher than Mercedes?

  5. Wow! And the Girl who Becomes the Tyra Chosee is… Whitney!

    Yeah Congratulation Whitney! You’ve Won!
    But i’m wondering, How did you win?

    Let me see… They didn’t pick de best shoot of Anya and yours did?
    Oh maybe they edited you like a better model!
    Oh I know what… You was a Tyra’s Favorite!
    Great Job! I mean, you’re Tyra’s Next Top Little Dog..!

    First you sent home Katarzyna, a GREAT MODEL! … favoritism, oh my god! you’re great at this game!
    And then you sent home Dominique, come on! that’s not a big deal x)
    But know… you sent home to the other better REAL MODEL than You! Oh yeaah! You Rocks!! You’re so Fabulous in that thing of have the Right Favoritism!

    C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!


    Not Really, Anya has destacated in all the changes, in all the photoshoots, SHE HAS AN INCREDIBLE RANK! 2.6! and in the Over-seas, she rocks, Whitney you did’t! so… don’t be happy for this because all yours dones like a model are work from Tyra and her fake T.V Show! You can NEVER be PROUD of Yourself, because you weren’t the best MODEL, Tyra just PICK YOU to be de Winner…!
    Lucky in your MODEL carrier… because I have names of other girls that will be BETTER than you in this industry (Anya, Katarzyna, Claire)

    Can you realize it?
    The Show of KAtarzyna Dolinska!, in the next episode… a Loser ex-model (tyra of course) lives on the streets and pose for money, sad.. see how our big model Katarzyna save her live giving her a Hot-Dogs car to work!


  6. I’m just going to go through both Anya and Whitney’s stuff (not looking at callout numbers or anything) and compare. Just for fun.
    Homeless: Both girls rocked.
    Makeover Photo: Neither is especially flattering, but I think Anya’s is better than Whitney’s
    Lingerie: Whitney rocked, although she was very covered for that type of shoot. Anya’s eyes are SCARY!
    Meat: Anya’s looks very professional, Whitney’s is a little boring, but not bad.
    Paint: What happened to Anya’s nose? In this picture, it looks completely average – and Anya’s nose should help her stand away from the pack. Whitney’s, again, is okay.
    Music: Both girls rocked this shot. Although, Whitney has yet to have a final picture with her mouth SHUT.
    Water: Anya’s looks ethereal, minus the fingers. I would have liked them either spread out more, or not at all spread. Whitney’s is amazingly different than all the other girls, and although many others would disagree, I love this photo.
    Plane: I think Anya’s is better, she looks much classier than Whitney here, who looks cheesy.
    Tyra’s: Neither girl had great shots here. Anya’s is more modelesque; Whitney was given horrible directions to follow and many other girls in her position would have broken down.
    Papparazzi: I love Whitney’s, hands down favorite. Anya lucked into the shot and she knows it.
    Covergirl: Whitney’s, hands down.

    In my opinion, Anya was consistently good. However, Whitney improved greatly and pulled out good pictures when it really mattered. She has a much more vibrant personality and had to work much harder than Anya to stay there. These shoots are not designed for plus sized models – they are designed for the “average” model. Whitney was at a disadvantage for that. Anya was at a BIG disadvantage because of her accent. Also, Anya was almost too sugary-sweet; Tyra likes the girl who is a little more gritty and real. Whitney was quite loudmouthed (and never shut her mouth in pictures) but that could have just been editing. This is a SCRIPTED REALITY SHOW. It would be very easy to make most anyone sound petty and juvenile.

    I think Anya AND Whitney both would have made great winners. Anya, however, doesn’t need ANTM to get a career… Whitney does. Stop slamming Whitney for winning. Be happy for her – I’m sure we haven’t heard the last of the other girls on the show.

  7. Oh! I didn’t realize how long my post was! Sorry, I didn’t mean to ramble!

  8. I thought fatima should have won america’s next top model…she is absoloutly stunning…not only did she look the best and was the preetiest….she is the only one who really looked like a model.

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