More reasons to like Fatima… go figure

May 16, 2008 at 7:40 pm | Posted in Fatima | 3 Comments

So how bad is it really that I like Fatima so much more now than when she was on the show?  Perhaps it’s because she’s speaking honestly and bluntly, but doing it in a way that doesn’t tear people down?  Perhaps some of her demeanor really was just in the edit?

When [Claire Unabia] and [Lauren Utter] and [Katarzyna Dolinska] got kicked off, I was just like this whole thing is a joke… They look like models.  If this supposed to be a modeling competition, one of them should have won or [Anya Kop] should have won.” – Fatima

Wow.  She hit the nail right on the head, and threw in some compliments for Claire, Lauren, Kat, and Anya.  Who is this humbler, gentler girl and what have you done with the Fatima we loved to hate?

Whitney took great pictures and she definitely knows how to conduct herself — she’s very outspoken and she speaks really well… I think that’s why she won over Anya, otherwise I wanted Anya to win.  Anya has that high-fashion look and she really knows how to model.  But she lacks the confidence and speech skills that Whitney has.” – Fatima

What?  More compliments?  What on earth is going on here???

To be quite honest, Whitney doesn’t look like a plus-sized model to me.  I feel like she doesn’t look like a plus-size model, and therefore it’s sending the wrong message because there are women who are actually full-figured and they see her and say, ‘Wow, if she’s a plus-size model than what am I?’” – Fatima

Again… I agree with her!  A size 8 (or even a size 10, if that’s what she is) is by NO means “plus-sized.”  Tyra should have stuck with the “real-size” label.

I did say, ‘Yeah, people think I look like Iman.’  I never said, ‘I think I look like Iman.’  We look a little similar, but we don’t look that much alike.  I was quite flattered to be compared to a supermodel, but at the same time I feel like it didn’t help me at all… I want people to know me as Fatima.  I don’t want to be known as ‘Baby Iman.’  I want to make a name for myself.” – Fatima

Again… another glimpse of Fatima’s intelligence and — what is that I sense? — could it be negativity towards the judges?  This girl is more like me than I thought!

I must say, the Fatima we saw in the finale, and who gave this interview is a far better Fatima than the one that called the black girls “ghetto” in the first episode.  Was there a transformation?  Did she learn how to get along better with people?  Or has she now turned her sights away from the other girls and the judges and gone on to try to manipulate another group: the media?

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  1. Woah! Great post! I’m actually surprised. I didn’t really like Fatima while watching the show but this interview really surprised me. She makes very good points and I agree with pretty much everything she said.

  2. Wow was that really Fatima who said that?! I’m more than surprised right now. She nailed it on the head with her comments about the girls, especially with Anya and Kat. I really didn’t like her on ANTM, maybe that is how she is supposed to be… I don’t know. But I like her now, now that she is not on ANTM anymore.

  3. In another interview i read here:

    Fatima really seems different from what they protrayed her on tv. Those darn editors.
    In any case, They also interviewed her about 3-4 months after this competition took place so i’m sure she has taken the experience as it is and have made amends if there were any need for them in the first place. I never really hated Fatima but thought of her more as misunderstood. She was from a different country so I always thought culture and language barriers were the reasons why her comments were misinterpreted. ANTM producers and editors will definately use whatever material they have to create interesting tv for viewers and Fatima’s honesty and blunt comments worked in their favor.

    Upon reading the previous post “Scandelisha II”
    I classmate of a classmate really doesn’t give credibility. And seeing that Whitney has said in the last bits of the finale that she’s had backhanded comments when she was younger i’d assume she’d still have enemies who felt a plus size model would never make it in the modeling industry. The post seems like it’s there to bring her down (i guess like Saleisha).

    Although it suggests that both Saleisha and Whitney were crowned to get a jump start in their career because Tyra wasn’t sure if they were able to become successful on their own, I think The difference is that Whitney’s case seems a bit more plausible. For Tyra to promote a real size model as a covergirl is much more “revolutionary?” than promoting someone who was too commercial.

    well it’s just my opinion i guess. I somehow don’t mind Whitney winning vs Saleisha. Maybe Whitney got a push but I guess it seems more validated than Saleisha’s win. *shrug*

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