Scandaleisha Part II?

May 16, 2008 at 1:11 pm | Posted in scandal, Whitney | 3 Comments

A recent article at fourfour (LINK) brought a possible scandal to light.  Although, to be quite honest, it had crossed my mind long before that any cycle in which a plus-sized model won would probably have been rigged.  I didn’t need an anonymous letter from someone who goes to school with someone who used to go to school with Whitney to plant that seed of doubt in my mind.  And talk about second-hand information!  (Anyone ever play the game “telephone” in grade school?)

So, this anonymous, gossipy classmate of a chatty, attention-hungry former classmate of Whitney’s writes:

I debated on whether to share this given my source and you may have heard this already…The source is this wonderfully chatty boy in one of my classes…who says he went to high school with Whitney. The claim is that Whitney did not try out for top model but was approached on a plane by someone from the show. She was already doing modeling as a size 2 or 4 but because she was closer to a 4 she was a little too big for the show as a regular model. They told her that if she went and gained 10-20 pounds they would definitely put her on the show as “the plus-size model”. She’s about a 6 or 8 on the show. He even showed us this picture of her when she was smaller which was from a year ago.

He also said that she was going to make the top 3. That’s why I held out from saying anything for 3 weeks. I wasn’t sure if anything was credible. But since the “top 3” thing came through…

Okay… first, let’s look at the credibility of this information:

  • It comes from a classmate of a former classmate who claims Whitney told him.  First off, I’m certain if that were the case, Whitney would be under some sort of contractual agreement not to tell anyone about the arrangement, and for her to go blabbing around to former high school classmates would be completely stupid, putting her place in the competition in jeopardy.
  • Secondly, then this loudmouth former classmate goes and tells everyone in his current (college?) class?  That immediately raises suspicion with me… how many fake spoilers have we read over this past cycle that have come from a friend of a friend… or someone who the person knows who knows someone who works at CW… or someone who heard through their mutual friend about one of the contestants?  And how many of those were actually true?  Yeah, not many.
  • Thirdly, why would you purposely gain 10-20 lbs to be on a reality show, especially if you weren’t guaranteed a win?  If the source had taken it one step further and said that the people who approached her guaranteed her the win, then it might be more believable.  Otherwise, you’ve just inflated yourself for 15 minutes of fame… which, come to think of it, I’m sure some people would do.  When you consider the industry, though, there’s no way Whitney would be able to put on the “I love my curves” facade through the course of the show, lose, go back and lose the weight in order to get back to her model-shape, and then try to get into the industry.  It’d be completely hypocritical.  Basically, if this were the case, it would mean that she resigned herself permanently to plus-sized modeling, despite the fact that she could have a career as a regular model… all for the sake of 15 minutes of fame.  Is she really that shallow?

Now, I’m not saying it’s not what really happened, because, honestly, I wouldn’t put it past Tyra at all, especially since we now know all the facts behind Saleisha’s win.  It was bound to happen someday that Tyra would allow a plus-sized girl to win, and if the winner was really hand-picked, is that really much worse than predetermining from casting, “We’re going to have this plus-sized model win this cycle”?

I’ve found over the hours of watching ANTM that Tyra really does try to make a statement with her winners, and she does favor those who NEED ANTM for a successful career over those who really are better models… Tyra even said it herself last cycle: “Saleisha is that girl that needs ANTM in order to be successful.”  And looking at other runners-up — Elyse is constantly working, Mercedes is a very successful commercial model, Melrose is constantly coming out with new shots, and Chantal is consistently spotted strutting runways or putting out new photos.  Like Anya, those girls don’t need a CoverGirl contract or the other perks that come with being America’s Next Top Model… they’re very capable of getting themselves signed, getting jobs, and working as real models.  Could you say the same about Saleisha?  Would she have been on all those runways the past few months without the ANTM title?  And CariDee?  Danielle?  Nicole?  Naima?

So, I guess the biggest question here is whether the win should go to the girl that’s truly the best model, or if Tyra should be able to stick her nose in and hand-select a girl that she thinks really needs the win to jump-start her career?



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  1. Oh my gosh here we go again, trying to find a way to get Whitney down. She has so much in here and you would think that she would throw her modeling career away to blabber things like that?! I don’t think so. People are just rude, so she won, yeah she wasn’t the best in the competition, but at least she isn’t a fake like one past winner that I know on the top of my mind. She worked her tail off to stay in that competition and she deserves the credit. Yeah the best ones didn’t win but she is near the top and it’s time for something different. I do think that some ANTM winners were hand picked like Danielle, Saleshia, Andrianne, if that’s her name, and possibly Whitney. But as much as it sucks but that is how the way it is. Whitney in my opinion is better than the girls in my opinion that was the handpicked winners, she’s different, she’s bigger than the regular models? So???

  2. Thats a lie, and it don’t make sense especially coming from a chatty no life loser.

    I do believe girls that need ANTM deserve to win and Tyra has a big Heart and is more on the commerial side herself. So I believe shes making the right Decision

  3. I don’t believe it. We’ve seen pictures of Whitney before she came to Top Model when she was younger and she was definitely bigger than a size four – she is at LEAST a size 8.

    Second, TOP MODEL producers don’t have to do things like that – they see enough people in casting, without recruiting.

    Give me a break. Just another hater out there trying to tear down the latest winner.

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