Best Shots of Cycle 10

May 24, 2008 at 3:09 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

Alright, here are my top 10 favorite shots of cycle 10… what are yours?











Interesting, considering my favorites were Claire, Katarzyna, and Whitney.  Of my top ten photos:
Claire – 3
Fatima – 2
Whitney – 2
Lauren – 1
Anya – 1
Katarzyna – 1



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  1. I pretty much agree with your top ten. I think when you look at it like this, it’s obvious why Fatima was in the top three and Whitney was the winner. While Anya was very consistent, she just didn’t produce many “wowing” pictures. It’s also why even though I liked Katarzyna, the only person to whom she should have lasted longer was Dominique. She really didn’t produce that many incredible shots. She’s just hot and nice.

  2. i think even though i hate dom her paint pic. should have been there insted of anyas paint one

  3. Anya had the best paint picture out of all of the girls. Just look at her look, it’s beautiful and stunning. Also she’s doing so many things at the sametime, pulling onto a necklace, holding a purse, and posing at the sametime, and she’s the only one in the entire cycle 10 that did that and still had the best photos. While Dominique, her picture was good but not as great as Anya’s. And with the pictures, I agree with most of them, except for Fatima’s Covergirl shot, she was pretty, but it wasn’t the best. Whitney’s Covergirl shot was 10 times better than Fatima’s but she’s ranked lower than Fatima?! I don’t understand that. BTW I was pretty surprised that Lauren’s picture was the top favorite, I thought it wasn’t going to be the best out of all the pics this cycle, but it was. Loved the picture, but I don’t call it the best out of them all, but that’s just my opinion.

  4. Love your selection.
    Lauren definitely has the best meat shot, it was actually fashionable.
    Fatima’s was beautiful.
    However, Whitney’s Covergirl just blew me away, it alone deserved the win. It was the best shot of all the cycles for Covergirl! Beautiful…definitely a top 3 photo.
    Kat- I loved her paint and music theme photos.
    Claire had the best homeless photo.
    However, Aimee had the best lingerie shot.
    I actually think Dom had the best paint shot.

  5. I have to agree with what you had to say Felicia. Kat’s paint shot was beautiful, one of the best paint shots, top three actually with Anya as the best one and Dom’s about third, but you can’t leave out Aimee, her paint shot was also one of the best one’s, including Claire’s. Kat did have one of the best music shot’s also, but I also loved Aimee’s as well. I can’t believe she was sent home while her picture was stunning. She might have been stuck during the shot but she came out with one of the best photos. And again I agree, Aimee did have the best lingerie shot. Most of the girls didn’t have the perfect shot from that photoshoot but Aimee, Claire, Kat, and Whitney pulled it off.

  6. I actually don’t think Kat’s music shot was that great…go to any Emo kid’s myspace page and you’ll see the exact same picture. If any of her shots deserve top 10 status, it’s the paint pic. Hers stands out from the rest.

    Otherwise, I pretty much agree with your choices. Claire really took some great photos…it’s a shame she went home so early.

  7. I go to tausili she has cycles 1-10 and ausntm and bntm

  8. hehe to juli: I thought you meant that every emo kid liked Kat’s picture so much that they put it as their profile pic ( like a cult).

    As much as I liked Dom’s paint pic I don’t think it was high fashion. Dom’s picture was just different from her normal face, and when ppl see something different (maybe an improvement) they tend to find it more attractive and interesting. Since Anya’s face seems to be the “same” it doesn’t genereate as much of an appeal.

  9. I remember that in the fuerzabruta week you listed Whitney as first, then Fatima as second. Where’s Whitney here?

    My top ten photos would be:
    1. Whitney Homeless
    2. Lauren Meat
    3. Anya Jetsetters
    4. Claire Homeless
    5. Whitney CoverGirl
    6. Lauren Jetsetters
    7. Katarzyna Music
    8. Anya Paint
    9. Claire Paint – just need more neck
    10. Whitney Fuerza-Bruta

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