You have GOT to be kidding me.

May 29, 2008 at 11:44 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

The following is a message left by “John,” one of the administrators over at Fans of Reality TV (aka FORT):

Attention everyone: After serious thought and discussion, we have decided that we will no longer be covering ANTM, and we will therefore be closing the forum to new posts, permanently.

We understand that this isn’t going to be a popular decision to those reading this, but there are plenty of other sites out there where ANTM is the primary topic, and we encourage everyone to utilize those resources for your ANTM fix.

We’d love to see you in our other forums, however!

So, for the sake of those of us that relied on FORT for our Top Model gossip, news, photos, and discussion… here’s a short list of other ANTM message boards where we can continue gossiping, sharing news, posting photos, and discussing the goings-on. See, FORT, we don’t need you after all.

Television without Pity
FORT-like site with less ANTM posters daily, but with our FORT forum now disbanded, perhaps others will take up residence here.

The CW Lounge (LINK)
More rules, more moderation, and way too many fan-made games for my liking, but it is one place you can find ANTM news.

Next Top Model Message Board (LINK)
Recent site made by former FORTer that has very few members but very great potential.  The layout is great, and it has separate forums for foreign NTMs and FanArt.  Kudos to SupergirlBrooke for starting this site, and good luck!

Reality TV World (LINK)
Personally, I hate the setup of this one, and it doesn’t look like it has a lot of traffic anyways.

Feel free to post any more that you find!



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    are both really good.

  2. It really doesn’t matter to me because I actually don’t go to that site. I look up to this site to give me what I came to see, the ANTM ladies. This site is good enough for me. I don’t even check out those other sites that were mentioned but I guess I can check them out eventually. Thanks for the links!

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