More Claire! (and some other girls)

June 4, 2008 at 8:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 15 Comments

I love this photo.

Thanks, Sergio, for the heads-up on these new Claire pics. Also check out new Allison, Amis & Marvita shots. I’m still looking forward to seeing some post-ANTM Aimee, Katarzyna, and Fatima shots… if you run across any, please let us all know!



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  1. your welcome!! 😉

    i like these photos too!! 😉

    oh yes,when i foind some new photos of the others girls i´m going to tell you!!i hope see new photos of katarzyna,aimee,fatiam and the others girls soon 😉

  2. Aw I love the new picture of Claire. Seriously that girl did not need ANTM to be huge in the modeling industry. I wonder the agency she is signed to…

  3. How Do You Make Your Website So Good Cuz’ I Want Mine Just Like Yours

  4. americasnexttm – WordPress actually makes it really easy to make a good site. Their templates are simple, but once you get used to them, there are a bunch of “extras” you can add on to make them neat. 🙂

  5. wow, this is great picture of claire!
    Why didn’t they use this one for her country photo? 😛

  6. this is not a new photo of fatima, but here is her autobiography that she wrote. its a great read. well atleast for me, it made me love her even more.

  7. cycle 11’s destination will be amsterdam..its official and like everyone is talking aboout it..u shdould update about it.

  8. oh,i wanna they came to argentina to international destination ;-(

    ahahah,BUENOS AIRES i sexy and fashion!!ahahaha

  9. or peru…thats my country..but oh well…there will be other cycles.

  10. i want c11 now!!!! haha ;p

  11. HI!!!


    the winner is working!

    some of these fotos are nice

  12. Yet again Sergio you done it again, finding even more stunning photos of Whitney! I loved a handful of those 12 new photos, some of them could have been better but they are different looks and who in the world wants to see the same Whitney doing the same poses?! Not me at least. I hated reading most of those comments, can we say… JEALOUS?! Get a life haters she won now move on. Thanks again for the update Sergio, I appreciate it so much!

  13. your welcome All4WhitAnya!


  14. Sorry i double posted the comment above, I thought it didn’t show the first time. Sorry.

  15. Nicole, you double posted?! I didn’t see you doubele posted. I can see that dro did but not you lol… BTW Nicole, I go through the samething as you, thinking that the first time your post didn’t come up, you have to post it again just in case and there you go the same comment pops up twice, it sucks.

    Sorry that was soooooooooo off-topic!

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