Bottom Ten Photos of Cycle 10

June 14, 2008 at 11:42 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 9 Comments

By request, here are my LEAST favorite photos of cycle 10!  There were just so many awful photos to choose from — it was a much more difficult task than I expected!











So, Lauren gets the award not only for my favorite photo of the competition (her meat shot) but also my least favorite.



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  1. hahah,the lauren´s photo is hard to watch! XD!!

    is just a horrible photo,her face looks so bad,she looks like a monster sea…hahahah

    and yes,dominique looks like a italian drag here,her face is just bad!!an i can see good her body,is weird…

    and whitney looks like a olf woman,tired to climb stairs!!

    hahaha,and marvitra photos is awful!!i can see a DROPPY here …

    haha,good chices! 😉

  2. i dont think that Amis’ homeless shoot was that bad…

  3. I agree with you MeMe, the two Amis shots wasn’t bad, she could have done more to make the shot look a lot better. Also I kind of liked Aimee’s shot, but if she looked at the camera, it would have been a great shot possibly. I was pretty shocked that I didn’t see Fatima’s meat shot on here, I actually thought that was the second worst picture of ANTM cycle 10. I mean come on who would like a picture of Fatima with her bottom teeth showing, that was one pretty scary shot. Also I saw some of them like Dom’s water shot, her shot was good but I understand a little bit with her facial expression lol… I’ve seen pictures that was worse than the ones that was listed so I was pretty surprised with some of the picks that were made.

  4. Yup… I figured some people would disagree about the Amis shots, since I knew even at the time there were others that really like those, though I didn’t. 😉 And I really did debate on including Fatima’s meat shot, but from the neck down it actually wasn’t THAT bad. I love hearing all your opinions, though… keep ’em coming!

  5. Dom’s lingerie shot would have made my top 10 (mostly because of hair/wardrobe choices)…along with most of the Fuerza Bruta shots.

  6. Oh, and Kim’s homeless shot! Eyes rolled back in the head…wierd…

  7. Hi Can You Put Different Cycle In The Website Pls

  8. Yeah Dom’s lingerie shot was good, it wasn’t great in my opinion. She could have done a little more to her shot though. Kim’s homeless shot was actually better than some of the girls. If she wasn’t being fake she could have went a little further than she already did.

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