Top 10 Photos of Cycle 9

June 17, 2008 at 9:58 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 11 Comments

… since we’re on a roll here with top 10/bottom 10 pics… here’s my favorites from last cycle













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  1. i think jennah was youre fave? 😉

  2. Yes, Jenah was my favorite… how could you tell? Though my first pick was Lisa… it was only after Lisa was eliminated that I noticed how many of Jenah’s photos were amazing.

  3. i agree with you.;)
    Jenah was the best!

  4. Again, I’m not surprised with the top pick being Jenah! Jenah was the girl with the best pictures from Cycle 9. She was the best overall in my opinion. I really didn’t see much in her when she had her shorter and different color hair, but when she went blond, I was like dang this girl is going to be great, and she was. She was great enough to be in the final two with Chantal, but those two don’t need ANTM to get signed to a great agency. But with the pictures… I was really impressed with over half of the pictures that was chosen, Heather pictures, Chantal’s pictures. I’m not crazy about Bianca’s picture, she just didn’t wow me during the season. And Lisa’s picture is alright, I seen better pictures from her. But there is one thing that I’m wondering about… where’s Saleshia?! Oh no, no Saleshia!

  5. Jenah was simply the best girl, who ever appeared in any cycle of America’s Next Topmodel, and the biggest shame ever happened in ANTM history is that she was let go with only a 3rd place!!!

    I’m not really too happy with a Bianca 3rd. xD

  7. HOORAY!

  8. Yea i really thoguht Jenah would win that cycle
    Good picks. I really liked Lisa’s covergirl picture too 😀

  9. […] for the 10 best photos of cycle 9?  Check them out here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Bottom Ten Photos of Cycle […]

  10. where the hell is saleisha she is one of the best in cycle 9

  11. Scandaleisha is clearly didn’t having any best photos. Her jumping shot in the China wall whatsoever didn’t even make her in the bottom two.

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