Top 10 Photos of Cycle 8

June 19, 2008 at 10:12 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments

1. Jaslene

2. Renee

3. Renee

4. Natasha

5. Renee

6. Brittany

7. Brittany

8. Natasha

9. Dionne

10. Jaslene



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  1. wow,i love the photoshoot on the beach,for men and women magazine…i like the jaslene shot and nataha,mm,and renee is ok…buy i didin`t like her ;-P…also i like the brittany photo for man magazyne…her eyes catch me,hahaha

  2. I wasn’t surprised that Jaslene got the number one picture, I was shocked that it was the swimsuit picture. She had some awesome pictures throughout that cycle, excluding the four pose picture. I will admit, I’m not surprised to see Renee having the most favored pictures. At first when I tuned in the last few episodes of the season I loved Renee and I wanted her to win, she just blew me away, looking like the older ones or not, her pictures were like boom, and so was Jaslene’s. I loved Brittany’s shots as well. And what Sergio mentioned, her eyes are catching, and you can see that in her candy shot. I wasn’t crazy about Natasha’s shots. I actually like her candy shot more than the swimsuit one. And as for Dionne’s shot, she looked fabulous, but she didn’t spark for me in that shot. I seen better ones of her.

  3. only pic of the final four!
    BTW: where is natasha’s hiphop shoot?:S

  4. sorry i meant only pics of the final five!
    mistakes happen.;)

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