Top 10 Photos of Cycle 7

June 20, 2008 at 1:25 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

This cycle was really tough for me to come up with a top ten, basically because I hated most of the photo shoots.  Why is it that the cycle with the greatest potential of actual models was also one of the cycles with the worst photo shoots?

1. Melrose

2. Amanda

3. CariDee

4. Melrose

5. Michelle

6. Amanda

7. CariDee

8. Eugena

9. Amanda

10. Anchal

As always, I know not everyone is going to agree with all of my choices, and that’s a-okay; I enjoy hearing your opinions as well!



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  1. i think amanda’s anorexic shoot was way more better that michelles boulimic shoot.

  2. hahaha,i hate melrose,but her photo in hair war is great!

    oh,i love caridee as a dumb,so cute nd funny,she is great!my favorite girl!

    the photoshoot is spain was great!i love caridee shoot and eugena shoot too!

    also i like the hotoshoot in the poolas a niphs 😉

  3. What about the nymph photoshoot? I definitely think those two were some of the top photos. =O

  4. Again I can’t be surprised over the top pic. Melrose and Caridee ruled cycle 7, they were the best ones, and it just really wasn’t a lot of competition during that cycle. But I was pretty surprised that AJ girl didn’t get any top pictures, that girl had some amazing pictures, better than a handful of the other girls pictures. If she had a heart for the fashion industry, she would have went FAR! I was pretty shocked that Caridee didn’t get at least a second or first picture. Her photos were just amazing throughout the cycle. And even though I wasn’t a huge fan over Anchal, her picture was gorgeous, I think that was her best photo throughout the competition.

  5. I miss Caridee’s Branjelina shoot, that was so good, she actually really looked like Brad Pitt on that one!!! Hilarious!!!

  6. Yeah her pic was pretty good, just not her best overall one that’s for sure. She not only looked just like Brad, but she looked alot like Angelina also!

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