Top Ten Photos of Cycle 3

July 2, 2008 at 5:29 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

And our top ten of each cycle countdown continues, this time with cycle three, where there were actually less favorite pics than I expected there to be.  For some reason I had it in my head that the earlier cycles had tons of great pictures, but as I was looking through cycle three, I was kind of disappointed.  Sure, the photo shoots themselves weren’t quite as cheesy, and I still consider a lot of the girls very talented, but there weren’t tons of extraordinary photos like I thought I’d remembered.  Anyways, here they are… my favorite shots of c3:

1. Nicole

2. Norelle

3. Yaya

4. Yaya

5. Amanda

6. Eva

7. Eva

8. Amanda

9. Toccara

10. Eva



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  1. Those were actually some great pictures, they are just natural, not over the top kind of photoshoots. Amanda, Norelle, Yaya, and Eva are just incredible. I like Nicole and Toccara’s picture but their’s aren’t as great as those four. Amanda in my opinion is stunning, I just love her!

  2. I really miss Ann’s & Kristi’s Lee Jeans Shot, that two were hot as hell!!! I don’t think you really got that 10 right, there are some ordinary shots listened, and other fabolous ones missing like Ann’s aleterego shoot, Nicole’s trambuline shot, etc…

  3. oh yes,some great choices! =)
    i also love AMANDA natural beauty shot,she looks gorgeous! and aww…norelle i love her!

  4. I was surprised not to see Amanda’s natural beauty shot, which I think it deserved atleast a top 3 placement. but, i agree with most of your choices, except toccara’s picture. you could’ve put some of the pictures from the lee jeans ad (*norelle*, nicole, ann, toccara, etc.).

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