Top Ten Photos of Cycle 2

July 3, 2008 at 4:02 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 7 Comments

Can you tell who my favorite was?  Nine cycles down, one to go!

1. Shandi

2. Shandi

3. Yoanna

4. Jenascia

5. Mercedes

6. Shandi

7. Yoanna

8. Catie

9. Mercedes

10. April



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  1. Shandi was youre fave! 😉

  2. Hey Shandi was my favorite as well, and I really wanted her to win that cycle. But I’m very upset with the road she taken after ANTM. I don’t even know who that girl is now. I mean look at her photos, they are stunning, she would have made a very wonderful model, I’m just said that she didn’t do just that, be a model.

  3. wow…yoanna looks great inn the photo number 3..i love that photo!

  4. Your “#2” rated photo of Shand is awful!!!
    What I miss:
    -Mercedes’s Billy Holiday shoot
    -Yoanna’s Audrey Hapborn shoot
    -the shot of Yoanna that was taken on the week when Shandi took your “#1” rated picture!!!

  5. hey i love that photo I think theres a vulnerability that isn’t in most of other contestants photos btw what did yoannas coleseum photo look like

  6. With this cycle, I was surprised not to see Mercedes’ final high fashion shot and more of the first week Eve photos. Well, this is your opinion on your website.

  7. HI!!!


    She looks so beauty! i like all this photos =)


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