Top 10 Photos of Cycle 1

July 16, 2008 at 8:22 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 5 Comments

The last of this series!

1. Elyse

2. Adrianne

3. Adrianne

4. Shannon

5. Giselle

6. Kesse

7. Shannon

8. Giselle

9. Robin

10. Adrianne



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  1. Wow even though I never seen not one episode of Cycle 1 of ANTM but I’m actually quite surprised on how good these pictures are. Even though I dislike Adrianne’s reality personality, but her pictures are really good especially that snake shot, it’s awesome! Elyse’s shot is kind of interesting, she has a snake around her neck and she’s like hey I look hot, so I’m pretty impressed with that photo. And Shannon, Shannon is awesome as well so I do understand the reason of those three being the final three.

  2. i cant beleive u picked #10 …it totally sucks as a picture..u should have liked picked another.


  3. totaly agree with youre no. 1 photo.;)

  4. my top 10 would be like, all of the snake photos and b&w ones, haha.

  5. i waited for a while and it was definitly worth the wait

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