Bottom 10 Photos from Cycle 9

July 18, 2008 at 3:34 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 6 Comments

Now that we’ve made it through the top ten photos of each cycle, I now bring you the bottom 10 photos… or, more accurately, the ones that I hated the most.

What happened to cycle 10, you ask? Check out my bottom 10 photos of cycle 10 here.

1. Bianca, looking super-masculine and frankly, quite scary

2. Saleisha, the zombie flower girl

3. Mila, who obviously had no idea what she was doing

4. Ambreal, who stopped caring about two episodes earlier and just looks bored

5. Saleisha looks about 20 lbs heavier here than she actually is. As Bianca would say: Go check your thighs in the mirror.

6. Saleisha also needs to learn how to smile without showing her gums

7. Chantal, the milkmaid

8. Jenah, loved her, hated this pic of her… it makes her look about 15 years older than she is

9. Lisa, the very flexible exotic dancer. Sorry, but that pose is not very lady-like.

10. Janet… meh, this one’s just boring.  BTW, thanks for pointing out my error… I guess I can’t count today.

Looking for the 10 best photos of cycle 9? Check them out here.



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  1. do not agree w/ #10 and 9

  2. also only 9 pics

  3. What? I love that picture of Jenah! But for the rest, I pretty much agree. And wow, I didn’t notice until lisa J. said so, but you’re missing #9. ^^;;

  4. dont agree with #8.:(

  5. I agree with the 2 right above me, Jenah’s CoverGirl shot is great, it would have been a better place in the top 10 photos of cycle 10!!!

  6. speaking of cycle 9, here’s something I found if you haven’t heard about it yet;

    click here


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