Preview Time! Check it out!

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Video 1
Slightly different Video 2
Slightly different Video 3

Thanks to blusugie over at livejournal for the links!
What do you think of them?


Work it!

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Just a few samplings of new work from our c10 girls:


Bottom 10 Photos from Cycle 9

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Now that we’ve made it through the top ten photos of each cycle, I now bring you the bottom 10 photos… or, more accurately, the ones that I hated the most.

What happened to cycle 10, you ask? Check out my bottom 10 photos of cycle 10 here.

1. Bianca, looking super-masculine and frankly, quite scary

2. Saleisha, the zombie flower girl

3. Mila, who obviously had no idea what she was doing

4. Ambreal, who stopped caring about two episodes earlier and just looks bored

5. Saleisha looks about 20 lbs heavier here than she actually is. As Bianca would say: Go check your thighs in the mirror.

6. Saleisha also needs to learn how to smile without showing her gums

7. Chantal, the milkmaid

8. Jenah, loved her, hated this pic of her… it makes her look about 15 years older than she is

9. Lisa, the very flexible exotic dancer. Sorry, but that pose is not very lady-like.

10. Janet… meh, this one’s just boring.  BTW, thanks for pointing out my error… I guess I can’t count today.

Looking for the 10 best photos of cycle 9? Check them out here.

Top 10 Photos of Cycle 1

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The last of this series!

1. Elyse

2. Adrianne

3. Adrianne

4. Shannon

5. Giselle

6. Kesse

7. Shannon

8. Giselle

9. Robin

10. Adrianne

Where are they now? (2 months post-finale)

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1st place Whitney obviously was signed to Elite – check out her photos here (LINK)

2nd place – Anya is signed with Elite in New York – check out her new photos here (LINK)

3rd place – Fatima was signed to New York Models – check out her new photos here (LINK)

4th place – Dominique is now going by the name Ceylone and looking for work, according to her ModelMayhem page.

5th place – Katarzyna was signed to Elite – check out her new photos here (LINK)

6th place – Lauren hasn’t been heard from much since the show, but rumors are that she’s still hoping to pursue modeling.

7th place – Stacy-Ann has dropped off the face of the earth, with no new photos and no news at all.

8th place – Claire has been putting out some photos with some various photographers lately, but no news as to whether or not she’s looking for an agency.  You can check her out HERE, HERE and HERE.

9th place – Aimee is signed to Heffner Model Management out of Seattle, but we’ve yet to see any post-show work from her, which is horribly disappointing.

10th place – Marvita has signed with Renegade Model Management in New York.

11th place – Amis has also produced very few photos since the cycle end, leaving us a few rather amateur-looking test shots and no news about her future career.

12th place – Allison has been working it since leaving the ANTM set, producing dozens and dozens of test shots.  No news on her being signed, but she does keep booking the jobs!

13th place – Atalya claimed she’d make it big without Tyra’s help, but besides a few test shots, we haven’t seen much from her yet.

14th place – Kimberly who?  Oh, yeah, that girl that quit right away.  Other than a brief appearance at Tyra’s Fierce awards, no news from her since she walked off the set.

Top Ten Photos of Cycle 2

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Can you tell who my favorite was?  Nine cycles down, one to go!

1. Shandi

2. Shandi

3. Yoanna

4. Jenascia

5. Mercedes

6. Shandi

7. Yoanna

8. Catie

9. Mercedes

10. April

Top Ten Photos of Cycle 3

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And our top ten of each cycle countdown continues, this time with cycle three, where there were actually less favorite pics than I expected there to be.  For some reason I had it in my head that the earlier cycles had tons of great pictures, but as I was looking through cycle three, I was kind of disappointed.  Sure, the photo shoots themselves weren’t quite as cheesy, and I still consider a lot of the girls very talented, but there weren’t tons of extraordinary photos like I thought I’d remembered.  Anyways, here they are… my favorite shots of c3:

1. Nicole

2. Norelle

3. Yaya

4. Yaya

5. Amanda

6. Eva

7. Eva

8. Amanda

9. Toccara

10. Eva

Top Ten Photos of Cycle 4

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It’s been eons since I’ve seen cycle 4, so going through these pics was a bit of a trip down memory lane.  I don’t have many favorite pics of girls that were eliminated fairly early, basically because I hated most of their pre-Africa photo shoots and thought they looked cheesy and cheap.  But, for what it’s worth, here are my faves:

1. Kahlen

2. Brittany

3. Brittany

4. Christina

5. Brittany

6. Naima

7. Keenyah

8. Kahlen

9. Kahlen

10. Rebecca

Guess Who Got Signed with ELITE!?!?

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Check it out, check it out, check it out!

And… it looks like I have a zillion more pics to add to her personal page.  I’ll get around to it eventually.

My Ideal Next Top Model Show

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We often spend time griping about how Tyra runs ANTM, and I’ll admit, if I were her, there would be MANY things that I would change.  So if you were Tyra, how would you run the show?

Here are my ideas:

Contestants –

  • Scout ’em out!  instead of holding auditions, I’d have scouts go and check out community fashion shows (yes, at malls and stuff), dance studios, concerts, etc and scout out girls that have “the look” and stand out in the crowd.  Lately, I think ANTM has had too many “I-want-to-be-a-reality-TV-star!” personalities, and needs to get back to the basics by “discovering” fresh talent from girls that actually have modeling potential.
  • Plussies cycle!  If you’re going to include plussies, you need to have a plussies-only cycle.  Throwing them in with the other contestants is ridiculous, since their market is entirely different.
  • Lower the age.  Yes, as we’ve seen from Australia’s Next Top Model, 16-year-olds can be immature brats.  (As if we didn’t know that already).  And I’m not sure how feasible it would be with all the legal issues, but hey, if you can get a bunch of kids on “Kid Nation,” you should be able to get some almost-adult teens on a modeling show.  Considering many major agencies start hiring at 16, we end up with a lot of ANTM contestants that these agencies would consider too old to be just making their start.  Put the age limit at 16-20, however, and you may lose a lot of the alcohol-induced drama, but you’ll find fresh new looks before they get not-so-fresh looking.

In the house

  • Bring back the trainers!  Seriously, these girls need to be given healthy food to eat and receive exercise training.  Watching them sitting around bored out of their minds eating potato chips (or whatever) is boring… and frankly, just perpetuates the idea that Americans are fat slobs that just sit around eating potato chips all day.  Let’s start a trend for healthier living!

Photo shoots & challenges

  • Relevant challenges, please.  I would love to see challenges that actually have to do with the modeling industry.  Not “can you sword fight like a gladiator?”  More runway, more quizzing them on the fashion industry, more go-sees, more mingling with people in the industry.
  • No more commercials in other languages.  They’re just too painful.
  • More photo shoots for actual products!  Some of the photo shoots this past cycle had very little direction at all, and it wasn’t very clear what they wanted the girls to portray — for instance, the meat one?  I think someone even asked if they were supposed to be pro-meat or anti-meat.  Fuerza Bruta?  Homeless?  Where there was an actual product, however, like the lingerie shoot, the girls did much better in portraying a certain feeling, because there was a point to what they were doing.  Same with the final Cover Girl shoot.
  • In the case of photo shoots where girls have to portray different “themes,” those will be chosen randomly, not assigned, so that no one girl gets easy themes every week.

Judging & Elimination

  • Total revamp of elimination system.  Call me crazy, but I would totally change the elimination system.  Episodes 1-5 would have no eliminations at all.  That way, each girl would have the opportunity to show their stuff and couldn’t be sent home for just one bad shot.  Also, we’d get to know the girls better before anyone got sent home.  All of these photos would be judged, the girls would receive feedback, and they would have the opportunity to work on these things from week to week.  Episodes 6-10 would have double eliminations.  These eliminations would be based on each model’s collective portfolio, and improvement over time, not just a single photo.  From that point on, it would be back to single elimination for the final three (or four) girls, who would at that point go overseas.  The final episode would have only the top two girls.
  • New judges each week.  One judging spot would be filled by the host, who would be the only permanent judge.  The other four positions would be filled by guest judges, who would have the opportunity to see each girl’s full portfolio in addition to the week’s shot.  Each girl would receive feedback from each judge, and the elimination decisions would be based on a vote, for which each of the judges (including the host) would have a single vote.  This would prevent the judges from being able to play favorites, and would give the girls feedback and fresh perspectives each week.  After all, isn’t this show really supposed to be about helping these girls make it big?

So… those are my ideas.  What do you think?  Would that be a show you would watch?  What are your ideas?

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