23-year-old receptionist from Columbus, OH

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Episode 12:

Episode 11:

Episode 9:

Episode 7:

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Episode 6:

Episode 5:

Episode 4:

Episode 3:

Episode 2:

Episode 1:

Pre-Show Promos:

Pre-ANTM Pics:

(following pics from Columbia Model Quest 2007)



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  1. hum… i think she should tan more … ahah

  2. i love dominique!!

    and this blog is so complet and very good blog

    i love ANTM!

  3. dominique is mother too?
    like claire?

    …i don´t know

  4. Yes, Sergio… she has a 2-year-old daughter, according to US Weekly

  5. oh,yes, 🙂
    thanks for the info!
    i love this blog!

  6. oh!
    new dominique´s pics!

    i love her!

  7. she is 1 of my favorite girls

  8. shes one of my favorites..
    she remind me of jade.. the diva diminish..

  9. I *LOVE* Dominique!! She is *SO* beautiful and unique and seems so down to earth and sweet…and, unlike most of the other girls, she seems super-grateful, which is refreshing to see. I also admire the way that she handles the girls in the house…talk about catty bitches! They are so mean to her for no reason at all! They just pick her apart for the dumbest things! But I admire the way she handles them! And her shots ALWAYS turn out beautiful…she is very versitiale in her looks and her posing. I’d say she’s DEFINITELY Top Model material. I hope she wins!!!!

  10. hi!!

    the domnique´s 2 last pictures are PRE-ANTM??

    she looks diferent!! ;-0

    i waiting for post antm photos!



  11. ewwww.. those new pics don’t even look like her. according to christian, she would be a “hot tranny mess”

  12. 0MG 0MG 0MG i luv diz gurl sHE s0 fresh tA def sEri0usLy. SHE ANd StacY anN r My T0p Faves Seri0usly. HatE THAt CattY BitCh WhitnEy SHE RetArded. Dey Been BettEr Pluz-Size M0dElz In dA pasT. En0ough B0ut HEr…ImSendin u Ma Fan L0ve D0minique And Stacy ANN!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Dominique you look amazing. Every model has a flaw and we know which one that is,but you still look fierce. God has plans for you you almost did not get picked to become a finalist and now u are one of the strongest models on the show. If you do not win there is going to be something amazing waiting for you.

  14. You need to find a pic of her and her daughter and post it on here!! She is always saying how beautiful her little girl is…I’d love to see what she looks like! Keep the Dominique pix coming…great site!

  15. More photos of dominique can be seen on the Columbus Fashion Week Website

  16. I disagree Camille Whitney is probably the best plus size model. She has yet to lose her cool like others and give great photos like Robin c1 and Tocarra c3

  17. she black why the hell she need to tan. Tannig is stupid any way it hurts your body and is a waste of time.

  18. i hate her.. she’s so ugly and mean! she’s 100% not nice

  19. i wonder who got these professional pix of dominique! and i doubt anyone will see pix of her and her daughter ceylone

  20. i wonder if she knows they are posted on this website

  21. as much as i hate to say this,
    but she improved (and is improving) a lot…

  22. omg i know ( im talking about the comment above)

  23. ewww dom is old. period.
    domonique…. dont win
    just, dont win o.k?

  24. Domonique is great!

    Domonique 2 win! woop woop!!!!

  25. notice dominique improved,but got eliminated tonight. Guess what all improvers are eliminated at this point dionne c8, sarah c6, bianca c9, Brittany c4, Amanda c7, and Jayla c5.

  26. willie i agree with you about the improving thing, and how whitney hasn’t lost her cool but whitney isn’t the best pluz size model. Just because she hasn’t lost her cool(but she feels the heat rising)doesn’t make her the best + size model,she might be patient, but not the best.

  27. finally *_* ugh
    actually to be honest the biggest thing i have against dominique is that katarzyna went home before her and i definitely think kat was way better overall. also i’m going to miss Ms Jay’s jokes about her, though this week’s was exceptionally funny lol

  28. doms a drag old man in a dress

  29. If you listen to her cwsource interview with Jason C. she is actually kind of funny. Maybe she comes off strong on tv but you guhys shouldn’t be dissin her

  30. Camille Whitney is the best because her portfolio ng and she kept her cool. If Toccara had kept her cool she would have been the best.

  31. Ok WiiLiiE?WAt Tha F***? WHIiNey AiiNT THA BESt. ii NEvER SAYd TOCArra WAS THA BESt NEVEr SAyd whitney (cycle8) wAs tha best never sayd sara (cycle 9) never sayd robin was tHA best(cycle 1 ) never sayd tHAtz one girl from cycle 2 was tHA best never sayd sarah(cycle8 ) was tHA best etc. how u gOn say she WAs THA best when half of her photos are either with her mouth open or a side view? iiF She WiinS ii Would Hate For tHA 1st pLuz size model to be hEr. SHE Don’t KnOw How TO REspECt AnyBody,Tossin her hEAd Wen PeopLe TAlk TO HEr ALwAys ROllin HEr EyeS WEn PEOpLe SpEAk, SHE LiiKE WALiiKiin PlASTic dATs HoW FAKe She is! SHe AiinT WAnnA SAy aNyThiinG To Dominique iin her FACe but HAd tHA Fu***** Hiipocracy To SAy iT on a ConfessionAl rOOm? WTF?!?! DOminique AT LeASt HAd Tha corouge to go up iin her face and at least try to mend things BaCk she never let iT geT To HER. ii HOPe NExt CyCLe GEt BEttER TOP MODEL WANNABEES AnD Do More houte couture instead of Top model wannabees ENDiin haviing each photo shoot look LiKE tHEy sellin CRreSt tooth paste (a la WHITNEY)

  32. Dominique should have at least been in top 3 hear her interview http://www.cwtv.com/cw-video/america's-next-top-model/short/?play=492-3710

  33. Dude…willie…I laugh at you bro. Dom looks like a DUDE! Literally she could join a drag contest and WIN…and shes a B-I-T-C-H! She has overconfidence just like a drag queen and I think I saw an Adams Apple too!!! Look closely lol! Girl was just a wench and I am GLAD she didn’t win, and she didnt deserve to come this far.




    i like her large hair…but she can do it better…haha

    or not…xD

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