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Episode 11:

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  1. Fatima I hope you win. You can pass for Iman.

    Good Luck,

    Temple University

  2. Fatima Your SOOOOOOOOOOOO HOT , Iman all the way , represent gurl !!!!

  3. you better not win i hate you

  4. you need to go your photos arnt good at all!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love you Fatima!!!!
    Hope you make it far!!!

  6. Jared and Jardok you all need to quit hatin on Fatima she probalbly look 10000000000000000000
    000000000 times better than both of you. you probably coukd not do any better than her.Fatima you are amazing out of this competition and all ten cycles you have improved the most. In my book you are a top model. I know you won or at least made it to the top three.

  7. I mean could

  8. the destination of cycle 10 is Rome, Italy.

  9. Fatima is the most stunning contestant to ever be on the show.

  10. Fatima is sick looking. Gross

  11. fatima does not look sick what so ever. Spo everyone quit hatin on her

  12. She looks like an advertisement for an eating disorder. All skin and bones.

  13. If you do not want people tp discriminate against bigger people then don’t discriminate against those size 0 people. Thatis either they way they want to be or the way they are built. So quit saying things like she has a disorder. If she wanted to be a size 10 she would get that way so just stop. Fatima is not blogging about you all and is nt hating you. If she knew you she probably would not keep sending blogs saying you need to wear a bag over your head or you need to lose weight or eatsomething. You can talk crap about these girls on a blog but can’t do it if you saw them in real life. Some things just keep to yourself. If tyra or any of the other judges aren’t complaining about it then leave it alone. If they are let them tell her. Not saying any body on the site is but alot of people are coming of as being haters and annoying.

  14. fatima plays victim too much.
    plus in ep 11 she can’t follow instructions as usual!
    antm wants stupid but obedient models!
    they should have booted fatima off!

  15. Fatima deserved to stay she has gotten much better she had the best picture out of the five and she is an amazing model nunyabizness I think u just hatin.
    If you tell me how she been playing victim then I will bequiet until den please stop hatin

  16. I love Fatima, more and more each episode. She’s really proving to be a great model. Her water and roman castle shot are to die for, just amazing photos and fiercee. And I love Fatima’s confidence, she knows when she has done great, and she knows when she has done bad. I don’t see what’s wrong of her to tell us she thought she did a great job when she obviously did. She doesn’t try to be somebody she’s not, she knows who she is and she speaks her mind. Whenever I look at her, I think of all the hardships she’s endured and I find it very inspiring and incredible how well she holds herself now, many of things she’s gone through would usually break a person, but her level of confidence in herself is admiring. It takes courage and strength to go on after what she’s lived through, and the fact that she believes in herself is amazing. To me she takes this competition the most seriously and wants it the most. She deserves final 2. I love you fatima.

  17. willie did you even pay attention to ep 11. i’m not hating i’m just pointing out that fatima does not learn things quickly and follow directions during challeges. but when she is photographed by tyra she does what is asked because tyra is a judge. i’ll admit that she photographs well but a model has to take directions not just do it when you need to. otherwise the model will be dismissed for not doing what the client wants. so willie learn how to make the distinction between hatin and valid statements based on observations you dumbass fanboy

  18. I agree! Models have to do what the boss wants and expects like any other employee. But the show controls how each contestant is portrayed. So that people like willie will dance to the producers tune on the blogs.

    i am a hentaru taru

  19. I agree with you nunya about what she said, but Fatima could have just been improving. I wish people mind thei business and stay out of other’s conversation hint the name starts with p ends with u and is right above me in the blog.

  20. heey fatima your pic is so cool you must
    to win if whitney or anya will win i will be so angry. Tyra than you make a big mikstake i dont live in America but i always look at the computer
    so go fatima u must to win

  21. Please!!! Fatima win!!! I love it fatima!!! you are my favorite contestant in this cycle and you will be win ANTM!!! Anya in second and whitnee third!!

  22. Fatima I love you!!! Win please, Ive been rooting for you since preshow. I know you can do it, and if you dont win I know you will be successful.

  23. fatima you should have not cut your hair but you are still fierce.

  24. you came so close. please still be a model

  25. Fatima rocks with her new short hair!

    Loved her commercial, not Covergirl but seemed like more professional and mature compared to the other girls. I think it would have suited L’Oreal cosmetic commercials.

  26. haha hey willie see what happened fatima lost! why? let’s think…. she does not follow directions even though her mouth says she is when she really is not! I knew that part of her would make her not win ANTM. even though she improved in her pictures she still personality wise didn’t change for the better. before the fanboys and fangirls start defending her did you people pay attention through the whole season she did what she wanted not what she was advised to do

  27. Fatima you looked absolutely stunning at the finale. I was so sad that you left, I was really hoping you’d win, but I know there are much better things out there for you than ANTM, and you will be a successful model. I loved your covergirl commercial and you had the best picture. And you look so amazing with the short hair. Love you Fatima.

  28. I really like fatima pop what ever your name is, but my favorite won. So Don’t you feel stupid. Proof you can look on whitney’s link.

  29. I think Fatima looked gorgeous with the long brown weave…I don’t like her hair in the recent photos where she has a back dress on.

  30. I am sorry to say that, while I think Fatima is a very pretty girl, she has barely any talent and I don’t understand why she made it over some of the other people. I understand she has been through a lot and is strong because of it, but she was overconfident in her abilities. I got sick to death of hearing her, EVERY EPISODE, say how much better than the others she was when she basically sucked. She did have some great photoshoots but she should have been kicked off when she missed the photo shoot to get her Visa. Anyone else would have been kicked off at that point. Confidence is one thing, but overconfidence when you have nothing to back it up is just sad.

  31. With all due respect to Whitney this is exactly what I thought when Whitney won. It is at 2:39-2:45 of course by Fatima. http://youtube.com/watch?v=pYEpTZp0dyw&feature=user

  32. In a good way

  33. here is a new photo of fatima


    its so simple…not model,is like a myspace´s pis…but she looks cute 🙂

  34. HI!!!


    She looks so beauty! i like all this photos =)



  35. She signed with New York Models. She’s under nym2-women. Love her.

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