22-year-old finance worker from Roslyn, NY

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  1. How do you pronounce her name?

  2. Tyra pronounced it “cat – rah – zain – yah”… and you know Tyra’s ALWAYS right 😉

  3. You pronounce it like this:


    (say the ‘zh’ like the second ‘g’ in “garage”)

    That’s how she said it in the first show when Tyra asked her how to say it. Tyra of course then got it completely wrong immediately afterwards. 😉

  4. it’s KAT-NUH-GENN-UGH
    that’s the way she pronounced it.

  5. I’m a huge Katarzyna fan… it worries me that Tyra would forget the pronunciation for her name ever so often.

  6. It’s Kah-tah-zhi-na. You don’t pronounce the ‘r’…as Tyra always does. -_-;; I love Katarzyna, she’s one of my faves, up there with Claire and Lauren. ^^

  7. I hope she wins!!!

  8. she is very pretty she is 1 of my favorite girls.

  9. If anyone knows the international phonetic alphabet, Katazyna is pronounced [kataʐɨna].

    I absolutely love her. Her name is Polish, and I’m mostly Polish, so I may be biased. But seriously…. she is downright fierce!

    My only worry… she’s not getting very much air time. Is this usually a sign that the contestant won’t go too far?

  10. Katarzyna is one of my favorite contestants this season. She knows what she’s doing and she doesn’t have attitude or create drama like some other childish acting opponents that are living in the house. That professional attitude will definitely help her in her career. I’m only worried that she doesn’t get much air time but then again that is not the deciding factor whether she stays in the competition or gets sent home

  11. If Katarzyna keeps improving like she is, and if this new makeover goes over well, I’ll pin her as the winner. She is absolutely gorgeous in a way I can’t describe. I think she’s my favorite contestant in the competition, along with Jenah.

  12. Holy crap. I think I’m turning straight for Katarzyna. Her new haircut is hot!!!! I hope she keeps doing well.

  13. She is my fav.Her Anya,and Dominique should be the top 3!!But she should win.:p

    Kata, Dominique and Anya… My fav!
    But Kata… wow… she is the best ^^

  15. I hope Katarzyna wins.
    She’s my total favorite.
    Kat, Fatima, Anya final three!!!

  16. You are so beautiful as are the other girls yet something about you stands out. You almost remind me of Natasha Cycle 8 but better. You started off with it and you are going to end with it.

    I love her russian style, she’s perfect and beautifull!!
    but i don’t think she’ll win because Tyra hates her!
    Tyra is so jelous about her beauty! and she’s only waiting for the best moment to dismised her!

  18. She is not russian, she is polish… :/

  19. i loooooooooove Katarzyna, no matter how anyone decides to pronounce her name lol she’s 100% definitely my favorite i really hope she wins but she’s too quiet, right now she has to show more personality so hopefully she’ll make it up to where they start doing commercials and be able to do that ^^

  20. I love her so much.
    She is my favorite.
    Katarzyna, Lauren, Anya final three.
    Whitney, Fatima, Stacy-Ann top six.
    Dominique MUST eliminated in top seven.

  21. I said Russian Style, ok?
    is just how she looks, not how her genetic is done.

  22. I simply LOVE how she looks like in that grungy short-hair shot… Seriously…

  23. Ruytarzyno, sorry, i understand you now :]
    Kata rulzzz ^^

  24. I HATE HER HAIR CUT!!!!!!

  25. I love Katarzyna she’s sexy as hell but she seems to not have a personality, or maybe she is just edited that way. She will make it to the top 5. Be in a bottom two with Witney for having no personality and Whitney having a beauty queen personality and Katarzyna will go home. I see her and just only see her ranking 5th or 3rd in the competition.

  26. i like her. she’s very pretty and i like her name too, cuz i’m Katarina what’s almost similar 🙂

  27. She must be a winner.
    Anya, Lauren, or Whitney with her in TOP 3.
    Fatima ONLY TOP 5.

  28. Does anyone know where her outfit in episode 8, the jet-set photoshoot was from? The boots, the dress, the jacket, everything??
    If so, I’m dyingg for at least those parts of the outfit, thanks!

  29. oops! episode 9 i meant**

  30. why is whitney not getting eliminated? Its pissing me off. She is so mean and bitchy! I just want her gone.

  31. she was not eliminated because lauren was to akward and Whitney has a better chance than lauren

  32. In September 26, 2007 — THE fiercest judge on “America’s Next Top Model,” Miss J. Alexander, gave to New York Post a hint as to who wins the cycle 10 of Tyra Banks modeling contest, “She’s extremely religious,” said Miss J.

  33. SPOILER ALERT!*****
    i just watched the newest episode and she gets the boot =[

  34. OMG I was really bummed she didn’t win. Maybe she will be discovered by someone else.

  35. I told you she either would rank 5 in the competition or three. I can tell by the way she looked. There has never been a girl who was blond to rank three. next prediction Fatima will be in the top 2. Or be elimnated next.(hopefully and probably not) Dominique is probably goin next it is between dominique and fatima. Anya is going to stay.

  36. Oh My Gosh..

    Tonite.Katarzyna was packing belonging and go home..

    She eliminated …


    Whitney is much time in the bottom two..

    Two in a row…

  37. GO ANYA!!!! 🙂

  38. tyra pronounced it like cat-AR-shin-ah. u really pronounce it like kat-tar-zhin-ah. tyra just over pronounces the ar and makes her sound like a pirate.

  39. I’ve felt depressed ever since she went home. I’ve wanted to be in this competition since I was seven years old. Thats my dream and I want it sooo bad. If she can’t make it I feel like there’e no way i can. I cried for her because I know how bad she wanted it. I’m Polish to and I guess I felt like she was representing me in a way. I think she made the wrong decision but I haven’t given up and I think she’ll be a star. I’m working on a website for her so check it out maybe next week it might be done. Its http://www.freewebs.com/katarzynadolinska/

  40. hey its me again
    i used some of the pics on this site
    if thats not okay with whoevers in charge of this site PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
    i dont want to offend any1 but they’ll make a great addition to my site

  41. Nikki –
    Feel free to use the pics. Most of them are from the cw website or livejournal or various other sources… I made the collages & fan art myself, and I really don’t mind if anyone else uses them. They look good on your site!
    And good luck to you on trying out for ANTM!


  42. Alas, she’s gone. But for good reason. She did get rather stuck toward the end. Now I can hope for Anya!

  43. nooooooooooooo she went home *cries* lol but it’s not like we didn’t see it coming so 😦 i still will miss her a ton! i’m not really surprised it was between her and whitney, but even at the very end i wasn’t sure who was going to go home. by the look on whitney’s face she definitely thought she was done! anyway i’m definitely rooting for anya and somewhat for whitney but she doesn’t seem to be making a ton of progress on her fakeness issue so i don’t think she’ll make it all the way.

  44. i was sad that kat went home!!! 😦 all of my favorites went home aimee claire stacy kat amis allison atalya and lauren!!!!!!!! grrr this pisses me off man but i hope to god that that dom and fatima DO NOT WIN!!!!!!!!! whitney and anya should win though whitney should lose her fakeness FAST

  45. Hi does Kat have a myspace or facebook?
    And where did you find the latest post antm pics of Kat? theyre great!!

  46. She has private Facebook, I send mails to her =) … but I don’t think she reads it anyway

  47. I love Kat, even though she was eliminated and didn’t win, she’s still my top fav. Okay Ruytarzyno, what is her Facebook url?! I so want to know!

  48. They should have kept her over Dom. But I still think she would not have won. She had a lot beauty, but without the talent, confidence, and personality to go with it, she was SOL as far as winning.

  49. She was still the best no matter what. She had the best runway walk out of all the girls and the thing is, she went home right after the girl with the worst walk in probably history of ANTM… strange?! KT I don’t know why you are saying that she doesn’t have talent, confidence or personality, she has those three combined and not a lot of people noticed it. Hell Jaslene who didn’t have a lot of personality herself, won ANTM cycle 8, so it doesn’t matter if you have personality or not, she was still the best. Kat has so much talent, nobody couldn’t take the time to show what she was able to do. When you watched the show, how many times was Kat even on talking about things? Hardly none. But she doesn’t need ANTM to prove that she is the best, she is still one of the best model from cycle 10 and she will be going far in the modeling industry!

  50. Those pictures of her in the long dress that are posted for post show are actually preshow pictures, I believe it was taken when she was in college.

    Anyways she used to be my favorite, but stopped during the gosee episodes. Fatima and Anya are my favorites now. To me there was nothing exciting about Kat, and she just seemed to be there. I never got the feeling that she wanted it as much as the others girls, so I was felt nothing when she left. But I still love her look, hopefully she gets long hair again. Oh and I was reading an interview by the final 3, and Anya said Kat made up a game called Model-opoly.

  51. I don’t care if she didn’t win or not, she is still my favorite no matter what. She was more than exciting, if nobody didn’t see that then something is up. Well if you felt that way, then why bother being a fan. She was better than most of the girls and its outragous that I have to read something like this. Go Kat, I know you will make it far than most of the girls in ANTM. Love ya girl!

  52. Oh yeah one more thing, like what Nicole mentioned that she didn’t feel that Kat didn’t want it. Okay so Kat was there for face time like others in the past were? Was she like Ebony from cycle 9 who never even cared in the episode that she was eliminated from? Was she like Marvita who completely gave up during the cycle? No, Kat wanted it and right after she was eliminated, she was going to see modeling agents so she can continue to model. Because she knows that she was the better one. At least she tried to show more personality before she was eliminated, because remember the judges thought that Kat had no personality, Kat tried her best to prove it to them and they never gave her a chance. This proves that Kat wanted it and she does. After ANTM she’s not going to quit like others before her did. She has a future in modeling and she will be one of the best out of all the girl in ANTM and I wish her all the best!

  53. New photos of Katarzyna. They are beautiful.
    She’s on the homepage of this site
    http://www.theglfactory.com/ and click Book 1, photos 1-5
    Then there’s more on here of Kat.

  54. HEY FRIENDS!!!




    these photos are so HIGH FASHION!she remindsme to mollie sue!!i like some f them,but she kinda scares me in one photos,haha,but still gorgeos 😉


  55. Kat’s apparently signed to Elite, that’s what Whitney said on facebook.

  56. KatAnyaWhit, I never noticed that you addressed your comments toward me, I didnt bother reading them until I saw my name. I can be a fan of Kat and view her how I want to. I like her because I like her look, but I wasnt impressed with her or her photos during the show. Yeah she was nice and took good photos, but I felt as if she was outshined by some other girl every week in the photoshoots. My opinion. But I do really like her post show pictures, they are very beautiful in a fashion way. And what I said is not outrageous, unlike some people I don’t think Kat’s the best thing since sliced bread. And what I meant by her not wanting it that much compared to Dominique, Anya, Whitney and Fatima, I feel as if they all wanted it more and its my opinion, you don’t have to agree with it and I don’t think I should be attacked because Im not ohmygod about Katarzyna.

  57. Did Kat really signed with Elite honestlyantm?! Well I hope so because she’s good enough to be with Elite! Proves to show that she didn’t need ANTM to sign with a huge agency like Elite. And Nicole, I wasn’t attacking you on your thoughts about Kat, I just didn’t like what you said about her. I understand your point of view on things, but really don’t know how she felt on the show or away from the show if she wanted or not. That’s the comment that got me offended. If she didn’t want it why is she trying to become a model, and taking portfolio shots?!

  58. I wasnt questioning whether she wanted to be a model in general, I meant that I didnt think she wanted to win as much as the final 4 models. Im sorry if that comment offended you, but it’s how I saw it.

  59. While Kat herself is staying mum on any contracts with agencies, Whitney decided to be a blabbermouth and spill the beans for Kat. Way to go Whit.

    I’m about 90% certain Kat didn’t want to win the show. Before you start freaking out, she didn’t want to win because of the winners curse. A few of the girls have stated in the interviews that they are aware of the winner’s curse. I mean seriously, look how successful winners like Whitney and Saleisha are. She probably just wanted to get to the finale,lose, get some publicity, and model.

  60. Did you just say, winner’s curse?! Whoa, what’s that?! To be exact, Whitney so far is more successful than Saleshia. The only time I actually heard about her was with that “My Life as a Covergirl” commercial. I mean Saleshia is still…Saleshia. And Whitney, she’s doing pretty good right now. I hope Kat stays as a model because that is her perfection, she should be one!

  61. I’m not sure how to explain the winner’s curse. But sometimes its good for my favs not to win, so they can go beyond being known as the ANTM winner. But to your statement of Whitney being more successful than Saleisha is wrong. Right now she is not. Whit just has spread in In touch, but the rest of her photos have been test shots and all she’s done is interviews. She probably will get more in the future, since it’s only been about a month since she won. Saleisha, may not be my favorite, I like her though and I know many aren’t fans of her, but she’s gotten a decent amount of work. Saleisha has walked in runways, had 2 covers for some magazines, she just got a spread in Essence and has a campaign for MetroStyle. She’s also signed with L.A. Models. And she had pre-show modeling work. So yeah Whitney isn’t more successful atleast for now. But I don’t think Saleisha is the most successful so far coming out of Cycle 9, I would have to say Lisa, Bianca or Chantal.

  62. Before I explain, can anybody tell me how to communicate to the person that runs this site? Thanks.

    The winner’s curse is the fact that extremely few winners have gone on to be successful. They are often turned down simply for having relations to the show. (Elyse, while not a winner, was immediately handed back her portfolio when they saw her ANTM snake picture) The industry is vain, they don’t like having people shoved down their throats as the next top model, they like to find their own. They seem to be doing a much better job than Ms. Banks anyways. Nicole is exactly right, you don’t want to be connected to ANTM.

    Whitney happens to be very enthusiastic about maintaining her connection with Tyra and ANTM, which will probably do nothing for her career (she isn’t exactly the best model anyways, and I say that without bias) other than give her a chance to diss skinny girls and win phony awards from “Seventeen” Magazine.

  63. Nicole, it was just my opinion about Whitney seeming to be more successful than Saleshia. When she won, I didn’t see her get that much footage. Yeah she did Seventeen and that My Life as a Covergirl, but that was it. Pretty shocked that due to her modeling past, she only lasted a year with Elite. But anyways, I actually still don’t understand the winner’s curse. Agents are very picky, they want the whole package, I guess the ones who were denied from certain agencies just didn’t have it all. I seen shots from Elyse from ANTM and her pictures were pretty good, so it’s surprising that she was denied by one agent, I heard that she was one of the best girls from her cycle. Of course she finished third and all, but I heard that she was a lot better than a third…

  64. Whitney’s current success is preaching to the world that she’s a fat girl among a sea of skinnies. As for actually modelling, very little stuff is done, and it’s mediocre. I don’t think we’ll be able to compare the girls until Whitney has had more than a month as reigning champ. Elyse was definitely the best from Cycle 1, and her snake photo was beyond gorgeous. That just goes to show how much the industry hates Ms. Banks shoving “top models” down their throats. None of the winners have that full package. Most of them are far from it.

  65. Hey, if anyone wants to know, she did sign with Elite. Her profile is up, with new test shots. She looks great!!


  66. http://www.rtvgames.com/showpost.php?p=366338&postcount=488

    more photos!

  67. the way you actually pronounce her name is KAT-RAH-JENA

  68. ehm. her name is kinda difficoult. i am actually from poland. it’s too difficoult 4 u to say, but the short form is kasia. [cashia]

  69. Kataryna was the best.. i saw it this winter.. and i love her^^ But pro. her name is.. Katarzyna =)

  70. i love her so much.
    she’s so cute.
    she’s perfect.
    i was so sad she got eliminated=(

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