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  1. thats my girl!

  2. Stupid Selfish B****!! There were so many other girls that wanted to be in your place and you just took advantage of the fact that you got chosen. You even admited that it was awesome to be picked cause u think back about all the other girls that wanted to be in your position. Tyra was dumb for picking you. Why would you try ouit for top model if you had no intrest what so ever in fashion……WHAT DID YOU THINK MODELS DO??? dumb a** blonde. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!! and if you really wern’t interested, you should have quit before they made all the cuts. I hope you feel horrible about your self!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh and by the way..i have no idea what tyra was thinking becauce youR forhead is more like a FIVE head. ITS HUGE B****!!!!!!!!!

  4. hey!

    i love the collage!

    haha,allison go home 😉

  5. she is just so stupid!!!

  6. Tyra has a big forehead and look hoow good she looks. She is a supermodel.

  7. lolza ..she looks like a porn star….=))

  8. Kim you big azzzzzzzzz quitter go suck it

  9. you are probably just jealous of her twinkle. She does not look like a pornstar and even if she does you probably don’t look that good ya self.

  10. so shut up. Okay 😉

  11. i think it’s great that she stood up for her opinion..

    and remember, if tyra hadn’t say “do you want to just go home?”, she wouldn’t have quit..

    so tyra’s to blame here…

  12. no tyra isn’t in the wrong. kim wasted the judges time there were thousands of girls who could have been where she was and appreciated it if she did not want to do it she should have not applied. If Tyra did not say it she would have evetually quit or would have been exposed so why should tyra wait and let something like this play out. It would not be fair to the other 13 girls who wanted it. Kim knew what she was getting into. This is cycle 10. She had 9 other cycles to see what things they had. A top model advertises expensive products. If Kim had stayed dhe would have wasted the judges time even more and it would not have been fair because she did not want it as bad as the other girls. Kim common sense tells you top models or super models or going to pose and advertise expensive clothing. You may can’t afford it and if you can it shouldn’t matter because others do not see it as ridiculous obviously she wasn’t a top model she is only amature model material, because she let what she thought hold her back. I understand if you won’t pose nude, but because the clothes are costly. What the h-e double hockey sticks. This is the real world eery one wont seee it your way so she needs to learn to swallow her pride for something as small as expensive clothes. Let Armani let me pose for their lines of suits. You should under stand that if you have the money to take care of responsibilities and have extra to treat yourself it is okay. If you do not have that type of money stick to the essentials to you get there. And to think Dominique almost did not get picked while Kim was picked on the spot and did not want it. So quit trippin.

  13. I know I defend her, but what was said about tyra being wrong was untrue. And it is not fair for Tyra to be faulted for Kim’s feeligs toward modeling and fashion. And there is a difference between stating opinionsand defending someone who is innocent and bashing and humiliating someone’s character and looks.

  14. she meaning cberry and her meaning kim

  15. i just think that if she would have seen her picture (which was stunning) she would have realized “hey, suck it up, i can do this”.

    she would have definitely stayed a little longer and can make it far.

    i just believe in this girl because she has so much model potential.

    i am not saying bad things about tyra or anything. i am just stating that tyra was to be faulted for making kim quit, and not for making kim upset over the concept of paying thousands for clothes.

    that was solely her opinion.

    but from what i can see, tyra was the one who lead kim to leave the competition. i’m just pointing out what i see.

  16. Kim could have said no I don’t want to go home, but she didn’t. She took her first chance to leave. A real model is not going to give up like that. The same Tyra asked plenty other girls and they decided to stay. Bre cycle 5 bottom 2 with Kim Tyra did not show Bre she was staying. tyra could have had Kim’s picture in her hand, but Bre did not just give up she stuck it out like Kim should have done, but didn’t.

  17. and tyra had to get rid of more than one person since she took 14 instead of 13 girls. Notice everytime there is 14 something happens someone either quits or there is a double elimination. I did not mean to get so defensive about tyra,but she was not to blame.

  18. i think tht if she didnt quit, she would hav made it far…

  19. Come on! Her forehead was big! She’s not attractive! DEFINITELY NOT TOP MODEL MATERIAL. She is not good enough to be a model, not even for target or kmart commercial shots. I wouldn’t even let her within a ten foot shot of a club photo.

  20. she has the tyra forehead

  21. not really cycle 3 had 14 girls nothiing happened duuurrr!

  22. a few of her pre antm pics look a little Britney Spears…eeeew.

  23. i wondered who she looked like for such a long time thanks anya’s_gonna_win!

  24. in cycle 3 they eliminated someone outside of panel and inside of panel dro

  25. yeah dro dont comment when you have no idea what you are talking about:

    cycle 3 magdalena was called at breakfast to leave, and then leah darrow was eliminated.

    cycle 4 there was the rebecca/tiffany thing

    cycle 10 there was the kimberly quits, atayla thing

    cycle 11 there was lets radomly eliminate hannah since it looks like no one’s quitting bogus, and then isis got sent home

    so don’t tell people durrr. durrr yourself.

  26. I love you so much I was going for you I understand why you left people are hating!!!

  27. i think
    kim needed some medication. hmmm. But she’s great.

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