22-year-old student from Miami, FL

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Episode 9:

Episode 7:

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Episode 6:

Episode 5:

Episode 4:

Episode 3:

Episode 2:

Episode 1:

Pre-Show Promos:

Pre-ANTM Pics:



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  1. awesome legs !!!

  2. dododododo i like stacy

  3. I love you as well. I believe that you can be an amazing model even if you do not win.

  4. Stacy-Ann you remind me of Danielle in cycle 6. She was an amazing model as are you. Keep your head up and forget about those bloggers who down you all the time because you have something.

  5. They are just haters who wish they had the potential you have.

  6. You have the best personality ever!!!

  7. unfortunately she will be eliminated tonight in a bottom two with fatima

  8. Stacy-Ann…you eliminated tonite…

    JUst look from the title of the episode…

    that’s word is belong to STACY-ANN surely that had a good runway…


    you eliminated tonite…

  9. I still don’t think stacy ann should have gone home.she had hella spunk and hella intresest to be a model.she might have gotten posy at times,but she did want to be a model.im still nostalgic about her elimination.

  10. Stacy Ann thank you for saving Fatima with your mediorce porfolio and fake personality.

    I read your interviews, and you should stop hating on the other girls because they are better than you. Don’t compare yourself to Fatima or Lauren, because you are no where near their level.

  11. Geez Nicole, Fatima and Lauren are pretty bad. She’s not as good as anya or katarzyna!

  12. I think they should never have cut her hair. Her pre ANTM photos are better than her pics during the show. Plus, her voice was annoying as was her personality. She shouldn’t have made it as far as she did.

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