Where are they now? (2 months post-finale)

July 15, 2008 at 7:33 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 3 Comments

1st place Whitney obviously was signed to Elite – check out her photos here (LINK)

2nd place – Anya is signed with Elite in New York – check out her new photos here (LINK)

3rd place – Fatima was signed to New York Models – check out her new photos here (LINK)

4th place – Dominique is now going by the name Ceylone and looking for work, according to her ModelMayhem page.

5th place – Katarzyna was signed to Elite – check out her new photos here (LINK)

6th place – Lauren hasn’t been heard from much since the show, but rumors are that she’s still hoping to pursue modeling.

7th place – Stacy-Ann has dropped off the face of the earth, with no new photos and no news at all.

8th place – Claire has been putting out some photos with some various photographers lately, but no news as to whether or not she’s looking for an agency.  You can check her out HERE, HERE and HERE.

9th place – Aimee is signed to Heffner Model Management out of Seattle, but we’ve yet to see any post-show work from her, which is horribly disappointing.

10th place – Marvita has signed with Renegade Model Management in New York.

11th place – Amis has also produced very few photos since the cycle end, leaving us a few rather amateur-looking test shots and no news about her future career.

12th place – Allison has been working it since leaving the ANTM set, producing dozens and dozens of test shots.  No news on her being signed, but she does keep booking the jobs!

13th place – Atalya claimed she’d make it big without Tyra’s help, but besides a few test shots, we haven’t seen much from her yet.

14th place – Kimberly who?  Oh, yeah, that girl that quit right away.  Other than a brief appearance at Tyra’s Fierce awards, no news from her since she walked off the set.



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  1. I’m liking where some of these girls are going! Whitney’s doing an excellent job with Elite, her pictures are so much more fantastic than what we have seen on ANTM! Anya is still doing a excellent job with her shots as well, and I’m glad to see that she has also has been signed by Elite, which doesn’t surprise me a bit. As much as I wasn’t a big of a Fatima fan she’s doing pretty well and I’m quite surprised that she was signed by a great agency and her picture isn’t that bad. I’m greatly surprised to see that Dominique has been signed to a modeling agency, and her picture is okay, I like it abit, but at least she’s changing her appearance, it can help her out. Kat is amazing, nothing much to say but she belongs as an Elite model! Lauren… sweet Lauren, the girl who takes some excellent photos but she still needs to know how to walk. I see her doing test shots instead of being signed until she gets her walk together, and if she does then she could be signed by a great agency, just not right now. Stacy Ann, I don’t know what to say about her that’s for sure. Claire, this girl is producing some great shots after ANTM, she should be signed to a great agency like Elite or somewhere close to Elite. Aimee, I’m glad to see that she was signed to a modeling agency, but I’m dying to see some work from her, it’s been too long! Marvita, I’m quite shocked that she was signed to a modeling agency, she’s a pretty woman but I don’t find her modelish, I’m not downing her, I really like her but I’m just quite shocked about it that’s all. Amis… she’s confusing, I’m not crazy about her test shots but at least she’s trying? Allison is doing well it seems like which I’m happy about that, her photos are great, just hope she gets signed by an agency real soon. Atalya, pretty girl and all, but her attitude needs a bit of an adjustment. Downing Tyra’s “poor?” decision on letting you go and saying that you didn’t need Tyra’s help to make it big, I think she needs to change that because without Tyra… who is Atalya?! As for Kimberly lol the girl who quite ANTM because it wasn’t for her and then she gets an award for it… great move Kimberly, I guess being on television wasn’t your right move after all.

  2. Claire is signed with Renegade too.
    Modelwire link

    Allison is signed with 3 agencies: Ford Models, I Model & Talent
    and Dreamodels in Hong Kong.

    I’ve been so happy that Anya and Fatima are signed. I just know they’ll be the most successful.

    more Fatima photos here

  3. All4WhitAnya, Dominique isn’t signed yet. But she’s modeling in LA.

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